Accessing A Lower Cost Of Living – AKA Exploiting Vulnerabilty

The following is in response to an article I read and I have attached the link, I’d be curious to start a discussion around this and get your opinions;

“Accessing a lower cost of living” = Exploitation of a less wealthy economy? I realise that it could be considered a smart move for those who are living on Australian incomes and spending their money in an economy where their dollar goes further. But is this similar to drinking water from another country when not providing any of your own from your own country? You’re taking more from an economy than you are putting in, it doesn’t seem very ethical or of high morals to me.

As for the visa’s, there are similar provisions in place currently but not everyone would be aware of this, nor should they need to know under what conditions someone is employed or residing somewhere. I can see the overall theme of this article but I feel as if this line of thinking has long been contributing to the rising cost of everything in Australia, once things got a bit tough and a bit expensive and peoples Kardashian lifestyles which they believe they needed to live thanks to Instagram and the like started to be threatened, businesses and individuals started looking for avenues to lower expenses – I do understand this but I feel as if at no point did anyone make any of these decisions with the future in mind.

Some baby boomers have gone through life making such decisions and have done exceptionally well out of it – if you measure doing well by a bank balance and nothing of substance, but now we Gen Y’s and future generations are living in a world where things are getting increasingly more expensive and we are starting out our lives as independent adults in debt – how does one catch up? I think the theory of this article is on track, as I mentioned earlier, a lot of what you talk about regarding rural areas is happening already. Our issue as a country moving forward is to ensure a continued and sustainable economy and environment for future generations and bear this in mind at all times when making decisions regarding looking to less wealthy countries to live in for our own personal gain.

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