Building A Six-Figure Blog Is Not Living Life

Six-Figure Blog

“Six-figure”, is this suppose to impress me? Since entering the business and entrepreneurial world I don’t know how many times I have heard these words,  “I used to earn a six-figure income working full time and then I decided to be the six-figure human”. So what? What do you actually represent? I’m sorry if you clicked on this post because you thought it would provided you with the answer on how to make “six-figures” from blogging but I’m not going to do that.

I’m going to do so much more in such a short time, I wrote another piece called “5 Ways To Make Money Online Through Blogging” of which had a similar theme. It wasn’t a blog about how to make money online, far from it, it was a blog about making sure that you think things through and really know within yourself what your passion and mandate in life is before you decide you’ve had enough of your J O B as some people call them. I realize that there is always the temptation to take the easy way out and as you would know, there are plenty of scams that promise you the world and are more than happy to take your money and leave you with nothing. The fact of the matter that nothing in that world is for free, whether you pay money for something online with the supposed promise of reaping huge returns or simply that you give up your time during the pursuit – its going to cost you something.

You can always get more money, but you can’t go to the bank and ask for a loan for more time, always remember that and treasure YOUR time and treat each second of the day with purpose and before you know it, abundance in the form of which you were seeking will present itself. This may not be in the form of monetary value and that’s ok, its not always about money, its about pursuing and getting recognized and feeling satisfied for offering the world what ever it is you have to offer and being able to do the things you have always wanted to do when you want to do them – which is always within reason – its not like the movies.

I hope this has given you some insight into your pursuit for the six-figure lifestyle, which is being rammed down our throats as the ultimate way of life these days. Go deep within, get back to your core, the core of who you are, what makes you tick? What do you enjoy doing everyday? Think long and hard on this, but not for too long or not too hard as they answers can be so simple and then go fourth and prosper. You get back what you put in, so if you expect to get money from doing a 1 hour course on the internet, expect to get nothing back from that except the lesson that you have just wasted an hour that could have been better spent in the pursuit of your own happiness and destiny.


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