Are The Gay Men Of The World Just Women Who Have Re-Incarnated?

Gay Men

Now you may have read this heading and said to yourself “what on earth could this mean?” and I am glad you did think that and are now reading on.

I was literally just now washing my dishes looking aimlessly out of my kitchen window thinking about a friend of mine who is experiencing the gay scene for the first time which, can be a little nasty ruminant of a “chew you up and spit you out” type mentality – pardon the pun.

How this thought came about was I was thinking about myself as a bi-sexual/gay/not sure/person who is attracted to people regardless of gender (however society wishes to label that) person and I thought about how I could not date a girl aimlessly for fear of her developing feelings and me hurting them by not wanting to fully engage in the relationship due to my ever changing sexual orientation, and how that would make me feel bad if I did that.  At this point it hit me, gay men can have a tendency to bounce around from person to person and not seem to care that they are hurting the other persons feelings by not being faithful – that being said I am aware this type of behaviour is applicable across the board but I am merely offering a theory.

Are straight women the gay men from the future? Are they here to teach us that it is not ok to toy with peoples feelings and that the consequences of doing so is to have to face up to our behaviours and suffer the consequences?

Do we, the gay men of today need to learn from our women friends about feelings and allowing them to develop and allowing ourselves to let others know that we have been hurt and for those who have hurt us to genuinely feel some sort of remorse for their actions?

The more I write about this the more fascinated I am becoming and perhaps I shall do some research and surveying of people to find out what they think, but then again, I am posting this to the world so what do you think? I am genuinely curious and excited at what people have to say on this topic! Share it with your friends; think long and hard about it! I think we may be on to something here people!


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