The Universe Is Just Our Map Of The World


So if this is MY Universe, does that mean that everyone and everything in it is a reflection of me as the individual? And that nothing exists in the physical as such, but everything is a projection of how I wish the world to be?

Deep question right?

I am still not entirely sure of my own definition or understanding of the Universe as it is talked about today. But I do have few theories floating around in this forever expanding brain of mine, much like the Universe.

I remember the night where I was having a rather interesting and robust discussion with a few people after my meditation class, about what the Universe actually is, and what it means to all of us. After  a short while, I had this lightning bolt moment where I came to the conclusion that the Universe and the world I know it, could be likened to that of the movie Avatar. I, as the physical body could be somewhere in the dark, sitting in a chair in a dream like state, and I, as the spirit, am living out what I believe the world to be via my dreams and my vision – WHOA!!!

I remember having this realization and it almost being too much for my brain to handle. I drove straight to my gym and ran as fast as I could on a treadmill for thirty minutes straight just mulling over in my brain the conclusion that I had come to. Still to this day grapple with my definition of the world and the Universe of which it sits in, but I have come to the conclusion that this is ok.

We can only make decisions and draw conclusions on the information we have available to us at the time, and at this point, I only know what I know and one day I will have the benefit of hindsight, combined with my future knowledge to either affirm or alter my views on the world.

I still think that it’s a fascinating concept that if everyone and everything that I see, hear, touch, read, talk to, and so on everyday does not exist in the physical, but are merely projections of my own brain and how I wish the world and my life to be.

A conclusion of which I can draw from this is that I truly do have the capacity to shape the world “we” or “I” live in, and everything that I encounter from here on in, and also in my past, houses lessons of which I need to learn in order to shape how I will proceed with decisions and experiences moving forward.

Life really is a forever rewarding experience!

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