If Only 51% Would Agree, Then We Humans Could Finally Change Course For The Better

I recently watched I AM, definitely something I would recommend as it adds a scientific layer to many theories that have been offered and followed in the spiritual world and also philosophised about for many years. One segment which caught my interest was where scientists were asking questions around how BIG change occurs, what causes it, and who leads it. As we know, our society is built in such a hierarchical system where supposed decision makers typically sit at the top and there are those who sit beneath or below.

Scientists decided to test this hypothesis of change on a herd of deer. They observed the dear over a period of time and noticed that surrounding the deer were 3 watering holes. At some point, the deer would need to flock to these watering holes but in order for this to happen, a decision regarding when and which watering hole would need to be made. Some obstacles in the way of this decision were that the deer would need to know when each had eaten enough pasture as they may not have had enough nutrients, if they waited too long, then some deer may become dehydrated, they also needed to pick a watering hole that each deer could reach safely in case of prey and health.

What the scientists witnessed next was quite amazing, they witnessed that the deer were all starting to look in the direction of each watering hole and once 51% of the deer population had looked in a particular direction, the entire herd set off. Scientists were surprised to note that the buck of the herd almost looked around in astonishment, as he was the last one left as the heard had made their decision in a democratic way seemingly with no ‘approval’ of a leader.


The documentary goes on to talk about how most if not all other animal populations operate in much the same way. When we look at the human democracy, I suggest that it does not operate in the same way as though the majority may rule in favour of a particular direction; there is still so much room for variables prior to a decision being made or a verdict being reached.

I began to think about leadership and how many organizations operate and other aspects of society where there are so called leaders in positions of power, authority or decision making, and how in theory, they should be listening to the majority of their followers, but is this always the case?

There are quite often many external pressures surrounding decision-making and the way of the world, as we know it. I question how we as a human race as we currently exist, intend to survive on this planet. Much change needs to occur, and once we reach a point where 51% of the population agrees, then perhaps it can occur.

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