Craving A More Human Experience, So Long Materialism


Many have spoke of the demise of materialism, but how close to it are we? Call it a global awakening, or call it just a simple expectation of good old fashion manners, etiquette, good service, quality products and craftsmanship, but I’ve been observing a change in people over the last few years.

As we are heading towards what would seem like the end of mass production and manufacturing as we have seen it for the last however long, we are now faced with the cleanup bill. We are now wondering what to do with the oversupply of old TV’s, mobile phones, car bodies and the like, and have a ton of old crap reminding us of years gone by and impulse purchases we’d rather forget about.


There are a wealth of clever people out there who do this amazing thing called “recycling” and what they do is they take old or existing unused products, and they turn them into new products, using old materials, amazing right!

So this has been going on for a while and people feel like they are “doing their bit” for the environment by cashing in their bottles and can’s where to me, this is more so reflective of the volume of alcohol people are consuming daily in an attempt to escape the hollow existence of a life full of material objects and no substance – but I’ve covered that in many pieces before this one.

Where was I? Oh that’s right, recycling. I stumbled across a Facebook page where someone had started turning old and unused wooden pallets into vertical gardens, a simple solution to a large volume of wood laying around gathering dust and from research I’ve done, this business is BOOMING! The thing that stood out to me about this is that people are more and more being attracted to products that are made from pre-loved and recycled materials, and are willing to wait long periods of time and pay more money than they would for a new product in stores.

Are people demanding that personal kind of service, and quality craftsman ship as we once did many years ago? Before someone decided that profit was more important than the human experience, and created the monster that is marketing and lost sight of the original intent?

It would seem that this industry if it keeps growing at the rate that it is, could start to spell the end for mass production and manufacturing as we know it, which has both positives and negatives. Negatives as a lot of people are employed in manufacturing jobs, but as we have seen of late, as technology evolves, there is less and less need for human assistance or supervision. SO, could the recycling business spell the end for interest free spending? And then have a flow on to the corporate gurus who are sitting at the top of an empire built on credit and borrowed money and are making an existence by keeping people at bay by having them by the balls working minimum wage manufacturing jobs to pay off interest free purchases made at Christmas time in 2005?

I’d hate to think that people who have built a life based on the exploitation of those who they perceive to be below them, could possibly lose everything they have because humans are waking up more and more everyday to the lies they have, and are being told, and are seeking a more authentic existence, it would be truly terrible.

Looking back over this piece I have touched on an array of potential issues which are happening right now, and which could also possible happen as the result of a global shift of consciousness. I’m sure that by this point, you’ve clicked as to what I am saying and the fact that you were attracted to this article, means that you are well on your way to contributing to positive change both in your own life, and on a global scale, and for that I want to say welcome, thank you, and enjoy the ride!

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