Is Silence The Way Forward?


Is silence the way forward from here on?

How would people survive if they were no longer able to gossip, talk ill of the dead or behind people’s backs and were only allowed to say things that were vital to their existence as a human?

Would they survive? Could they live with their own thoughts or do they need to be constantly engaged in mindless banter about nothing of any substance to distract them from the void that is their own life?

I sit back and observe the world from my own values and beliefs of which I am fully aware and wonder sometimes, have we reached a point where we should even still be speaking? Have we as a species not learnt all the we need to learn and evolved to a point where we can exist without needing to produce any more technology or products which are seemingly for the greater good of someone’s bank account and demise of humans on this planet?

Not wanting to start a debacle but as an example, I recently saw someone who claims to be an artist in the music industry release a song and video which explores how sexualizing men would look as opposed to sexualizing women in the industry in such film clips. Whilst she raises an interesting point, I did have to think…really??? We really need to have this conversation??? Out loud??? Do people not think about this kind of stuff and have a general acceptance of behaviours and social norms and just…get it???

I realize this is where my ignorance may be offering me some bliss and as I said earlier, I do have a lot of self-awareness and by no means am offering a bulletproof opinion or point of view. I also realize the irony in my underlying theme being that surely we have reached a point of evolution and learning that we could potentially either stop talking all together, or communicate only vital language which is necessary for the survival of the human race – in doing so I am writing about it which suggests that I don’t feel like we are at that point.

In being an opinionated social commentator does come a lot of thought and quiet reflection before speaking, so I am confident that this discussion is one where it will attract readers who understand what I am saying on a level deeper than the words written on this page?

Shall we continue this discussion in meditation?

See you there.

2 thoughts on “Is Silence The Way Forward?

  1. Joel Reply

    This is a very insightful post. On one hand, if we are to evolve into a non talking species, how are we to begin, who would follow the journey into non verbal communication? On the other hand, once evolved into a non talking species, perhaps we will learn new vital information of what it means to be human. Perhaps once we forsake language, we will develop telepathy.

    Maybe animals can speak, but they choose not to. Not speaking defenitley could be the answer to many moral dilemmas.

    But with no ability to speak with words what will be lost? complex stories, emotions, architecture? Or maybe with no desire to speak, of the choice to only use our instinctual sounds,we will define new important factors in life. What could be gained if humanity chose to stop speaking could be the next step in human evolution. New forms of communication would overtake old ones. Regimes and restrictive beliefs would lose all power. The ramifications would be huge, but the struggle to create new forms of communication, be it hieroglyphs or mathematics, song and dance, tactile.

    If advanced alien species saw us, maybe they see noisy intelligent species using our mouths all wrong.

    Haha, but who knows. Maybe because we are intelligent we use every part of our bodies as sites of meaning. Including our mouths. Never the less, mass voluntary muteness would be an interesting social experiment.

    • Scanphilosophy Reply

      I completely agree with you Joel. I wonder what a world would be like where we tapped into and strengthened that intuitive communication we know we all have. Like when you walk into a room and can feel the energy, or when we get those gut feelings. Often I feel we take things off track with words just for the sake of speaking. Only time will tell!

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