There Are No Right Or Wrong Choices – There Are Only Choices


We can only make decisions based on the information we have available to us at the time, so how do we ever know if they are the right ones? There really are no right or wrong choices in life, there are only choices.

Trust, we must trust our gut instinct and our intuition, after all, our intuition is our inner tutor and our internal guide and it will lead us in and out of all kinds of situations and experience during our time here in the physical world.

Doubt, it will always be there, there will always be more than one path, which we feel we should be following, and it is completely normal to place doubt on decisions, which we feel have a significant impact on our lives and we as individuals.

I often ask myself if I am doing the right thing, if I am on the right path and where my life is heading and I get back to the same few thoughts each time. I’ve learnt not to stop the flow of life, the flow of life is about facing challenges as they present and learning from each challenge or mistake that we encounter. I have also learnt that everything, including life itself is temporary so bare this in mind when making decisions of the heart as well as those from the head.

The two intertwine continuously and it can sometimes seem like a constant battle between the head and the heart just to get through the day. I find myself saying things like “it could be worse” which makes me feel better for a moment, but lately I have been thinking that perhaps I need to learn more about what it means to me to have more self love, to not allow others or other situations to have so much control over my head and my heart. This pattern of thinking can seem quite daunting at times but then I reside to the fact that I am only thinking about thinking when I am thinking about thinking, this is not all of the time as it can sometimes seem. The majority of the time, I and we as humans are in action mode and our actions are a direct result of our thoughts, thoughts are the energy which we put out to the universe and our actions and consequences are the result of what energy we put out.

If we get a negative result back, this simply means that we have put out a negative thought or energetic wave. If we do not like the way the result makes us feel, then there is a lesson here to learn for the next time. Sometimes we can spend so much more time dwelling on the negativity in our lives, this can be healthy as it teaches us what we do and do not like but where it becomes unhealthy is when we start to only focus on that and not so much on the positive. We need to be looking constantly at what makes us feel good and what makes us happy as individuals and do more of that.

Back to the title of this piece, how do we ever know? Well I assure myself that to have gotten myself to where I am today, I have made a series of good and bad decisions, have had a series of positive and negative thoughts and have then followed through with action and am now reaping the returns or the results, good or bad. I stop sometimes and think about how I have gotten to this moment or this day and use the positives from every decision, interaction or opportunity. As they say, when one door closes, another door opens. As we close doors we can sometimes feel sadness associated, as at that time, we know there is a higher purpose for that door needing to close even though we may not fully understand it at the time. As I mentioned earlier, we can only make decisions based on the information we have at the time and from there, we use our positive thoughts and positive energy to manifest a positive result or return from that decision and trust we have done the right thing by ourselves.

Self love is so crucial to life, it sets the boundaries that we as the individuals are willing to operate within, we must set up an awareness of what is ok and what is not ok and what we are willing to let into our lives and most importantly, what we are not willing to let in. All of these processes happen on an unconscious level at a rate quicker than we can process consciously so there we have it, sometimes the decisions are made beneath the surface before our conscious mind has had time to catch up and make this realization.

Right now I am consciously working through a result I have received based on what I have put out via a thought and have to admit, it’s tough, but knowing that I have made this decisions on an unconscious level for the reason being that I know on that level it’s the right thing to do, I must now work through the conscious process using the tools and skills I’ve accumulated during my life which have led me to this very moment. It’s a long process but it is once which will resolve once its run its course and I am the only one who can be present during this at every step. How do I know I’ve made the right decision? Well, I just know and now trust this knowledge and am able to move forward and progress to the next decision point.

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