Do Activists Do Their Cause An Injustice By Being Activists?


So you want to change something? You want to make a difference in the world? You should make some signs and write misspelt words on them and go down to your local council and yell and scream and get your voice heard. Or should you?

I don’t know if it’s because I feel we are seemingly confronted with activist issues or individual opinions more so than ever thanks to social media. Social media as a stand-alone is an effective and widely used tool for all types of communication and sharing of information but should it fall into the wrong hands, as with anything, disaster looms.

There are good and bad ways of getting opinions across and as I have spent a number of years in the public and corporate sector I have learnt ways to get opinions heard and any type of change implemented. Unfortunately, it quite often always comes down to the almighty dollar, we must prove that there is money to be saved by doing something a different way otherwise no one bats an eyelid…sad really that actual consequences on humans don’t enter the spectrum of decision making.

Having said the above re money being the driving factor for change, over time we have seen incidents where it has literally taken one person to start change who is then followed by others and grows to a point where those who are making decisions for people, countries and for the world have no choice but to listen. I find it interesting that quite often, the way people as the individuals usually want things done are the most cost efficient and efficient in general way to do things. Where the complications arise are where corrupt decision makers have discovered ways to benefit financially by adding complications on to the most simplest things. When the time comes where the population discovers that they are getting ripped off and start asking for answers and for changes, the time comes for those of no substance to implode and those with substance to rise.

When I started this post I thought I had all the answers. I did wonder whether picketing outside government buildings was the right way to go, I thought that perhaps being calm is the best course of action and that more results would follow. As I reach the end I conclude with this, humans can smell bullshit and often what the intuition says is far more accurate than any political or corporate spin put on actions or words. Words are just words, but the feelings behind them are real and this we cannot ignore. I must conclude that activists, whilst they may in the short term do themselves an injustice by shouting and carrying on and potentially bothering people, when there is enough noise made, the right people will start to listen and this is when the most magical of changes start to happen.

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