Are You A Different Person On Different Social Media Platforms?

Social Media

Social Media Platforms – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, the list goes on…these are the various extensions of our personalities that the majority of people are accessing daily. It got me thinking, are we different people depending on which outlet we use? Are we projecting the same person via each medium?

I can say up front that I am not. I have three twitter accounts, one personal, one business & one for one of my blogs (see, even more than one blog). Depending on which social media platform I used also depends on how I project myself to the world via that platform. I have different demographics of followers on each and also use each platform to keep informed about different demographics and goings on in the world.

This got me thinking, how does this ultimately affect who we are at the core or more to the point, does it even affect? We all have an idea of who we are at the centre of our being, it’s that person who just exists, exists without having to try to be anyone or anything and is happy just existing as they do without feeling the need to change or adjust any behaviors to “fit in” with the world.

Does the number of times we project ourselves different via differing methods of projection & tools available help or hinder who we are at the core? Does it make any difference at all? Have you ever stopped and thought about it?

I know that the majority of people perhaps don’t stop to ask these questions, these people in my view are also the ones that don’t stop to ask why their bodies feel strange at times, why their behaviors may be a bit out of the ordinary for themselves and generally have low levels of self awareness, these people are sleeping. For those of us that have awoken, it can be a tough gig in the beginning as our awareness is raised to a whole new level.

I’m aware that I am speaking in generalities and that this may not fit the mold of everyone and that’s ok. I am merely pointing out an observation that I have made. I am an over analyzer from way back, this has its ups and it also has its downs. Just now I couldn’t help but write this down and put the question out there about how and who we are projecting to the world and is it consistent via all means or does it change?


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