Could We The Humans Be The Virus?


Those pesky humans and their ways of life, what will they think of next?

Yesterday was a day where I was attracting the most profound conversations I’d had in a long time, a day I’ll never forget and a day where I had asked the Universe to bring me something of substance for the day to really break up my week and it delivered!

I was talking to a friend about the goings on in the world and they came out and said something along the lines of “we are the virus and the planet is trying to right itself by killing us”. Initially I thought this was a rather confronting sentence but the more I read it the more it rang true.

Just as we as humans feel off some days, and then sometimes it worsens so we seek medical advice or natural advice, whatever we have found to work best for us and we get some pills or some drugs to help us get better. As we know, we vomit, we get diarrhea, and we have mucus, puss and all kinds of wonderful substances oozing from our bodies when our defense mechanisms are down so we bring in the heavy artillery to fight it, just as the planet does when we’ve hurt it also right?

So imagine the planet to be one giant human, or perhaps not even, it and we could be contained in the size of another being the same size as us, and really, we would never know, we’re really not that clever as a species, and then imagine everything we do everyday going on inside our bodes, it would hurt right? We’d want to do something about it right?

So then how can we get pissy when “mother nature” as she has become affectionately known turns the tide back on us and the country burns, the country freezes, the winds come along and destroy us or the rains fall and flood us? Is this not the planet as we know it trying to rid itself of the burden that we have in essence placed on it? I feel like we are onto something here.

We’ve seen a rising trend in “clean eating” and so fourth of late, Instagram accounts all over the world have popped up boasting pictures of vegetables and green drinks for a reasonable price of around $15 for 300ML out of an old Jam Jar, seems legit, and all of a sudden brains are imploding left right and centre with a realization that by eating and drinking healthy produce, our bodies respond well – shocking right? Would this logic not then apply to the planet that we are blessed to be able to reside on? Wow, now we’re getting to the science of it!

Now I’m not going to sit here and claim that I am the Mother Theresa of clean eating, living clean or living green but I am merely raising a point here based off the back of a throw away line in a conversation. The days of hindsight are well and truly over and we can no longer keep making huge mistakes in my mind as we have fucked up enough times over the years and need to finally start using our foresight to make some positive changes.

I’ve always been a firm believer and I know I am not alone in saying that the change can start with the conversation. Creativity, change and ideas are born in the mind, spoken via the verbal or written word and then manifested following this process. Lets grow some balls and sort this out once and for all because lets face it, we all need somewhere to live right?

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