It’s a FOREcast not a HINDcast…


We get the weather in advance, we are also aware of how the seasons pan out and how to plan for them. We see that it’s going to be hot, or windy, or rain a lot, and yet there are those who do not see what’s coming and are stuck or stranded and call for help.

If we paid more attention to what we know, would we need to demand so much on people to pull us out of a bind? I feel like the people that have six months to clean up their yards prior to a fire season but get caught up in life are also the ones who ask why when their house burns down because they failed to take the proper precautions as per instructions?

I also feel like these people are those who are clogging up emergency waiting rooms, causing long wait times in lines at shops or on phones as they lodge their complaints against products or services of which if they paid more attention to what they were purchasing in the first place, maybe they wouldn’t be blaming others all the time.

Do you see what I am saying? It’s 2014, we are living in times and have been for a while where we can no longer look at hindsight and say “oh it’s a beautiful thing”, we should be looking to foresight and planning our lives better. Sure, we can’t foresee everything, but I really believe that we’ve lived through enough trials and tribulations to have learnt from a shit ton of mistakes and make better decisions.

I used to think that it was part of the human condition to touch the red button despite being told not too, I am one of those people and I don’t know why. I think as humans we feel like we need to experience everything ourselves first hand in order to really have an appreciation for it but then again, this does not ring true for every experience. People get shot, but I don’t see everyone running out to see what that feels like.

This post sparked from casually sitting in my lounge room as the wind picked up almost from nowhere but it had been forecast, and within minutes, the all too familiar sound of emergency vehicle sirens. Sure, this could have been a siren heading to a real emergency but I would put money on the fact the it was a tree falling on someone’s car in their driveway, still, not good but alas, a tree which the owner noticed yesterday when the weather was good but opted to drink beer instead of preventing a debacle. Cool story bro.

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