Why? Why not?


Going out on my own into the world of coaching, readings & healing has been nothing short of terrifying. I’m sure I’m not the first to admit that. We start our journeys on this earth as these limitless beings, we have no filters, we see things, which later in life we question, we feel everything, and we express ourselves constantly without consequence. Why do we lose this as we get older? What is with social “norms”? What do they even mean?

We tend to live in a world today of much conflict, conflict within ourselves, within others. Everything that happens outside of us is happening inside of us well before it manifests into being. So many are not aware of this and are constantly looking outside for the answers that lie within.

In my early days of exploring working for myself, I found that I was asking why me? What have I got that all of these other self-starters have? How much knowledge or how many degrees or pieces of paper showing that I have learnt skills do I need to have before I gain any credibility? This lead me into almost a world of being a professional student, gathering knowledge like it was going out of fashion and seemingly accumulating endless numbers of qualifications whilst remaining stagnant in where I was in life.

It was then I met a fantastic human who started to take a real interest in me and what I had achieved in life so far and they lifted a few lenses off of where I believed I was at in life and what I had to offer the world. Turns out that all the while I was accumulating all this knowledge that I had little understanding of why I was accumulating it, it was all leading to one divine purpose – to get my message out to the masses and start healing the planet and it’s inhabitants one by one.

Its easy to be discouraged these days I believe; we are saturated daily with social media, traditional media, quotes, pictures, other peoples supposed fabulous lives, but what is this really doing to us? I read somewhere that we take in as much knowledge in one day as humans used to in a lifetime, I can’t be sure of the validity of that but it got me thinking. Have our brains truly expanded to a point where we can handle this? I’m not quite sure. Depression and Anxiety type disorders seem to be on the rise more and more as the minutes go by and so many people are falling through the cracks. I will say though, there are more and more practitioners rising through the ranks who are into preventative measures more so than treating existing issues which is great.

Its these folk who at some point have sat down and thought much of what I have written thus far, why? Well why not? Why would anyone listen to what I have to say? Well, why wouldn’t they? Do you have any evidence to suggest that no one will listen? Did Timmy from year 5 not take your advice one day back in school? Has this left a scar on your ability to move forward in life?

Every day I find myself stepping outside of my comfort zone, so much so that I am not quite sure where my comfort zone is anymore. I have an overwhelming sense of calm and content within me, which tells me a few things, but I’ll mention one. I have reached a point of balance and integration between living inside of my own head and then living outside of it. Something, which I perhaps had assumed, I was doing all along but now that I am more conscious of it, I realize that I was not.

Living in a state of calm means that you are living right now, right for this moment. You’re not dwelling on the past, not living in the future, neither of those exists – all that exists is this moment right now. Sure, we’re going to slip back into old thoughts, memories, feelings; we’re also going to drift of into the future too. I believe this is all a part of the human experience. Its being aware of this though that the magic truly beings to take place – providing you maintain an awareness of this and bring yourself back to centre and feel good, then you should really have nothing to worry about.

So if you find yourself asking why? Why me? Ask why not? Start there and just see what happens!

Thanks for reading.

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