We Are Not Separate – We Are All One Massive Collective Consciousness


We scurry about this Earth day in and day out going about our lives. Some of us are feeling quite alone in a world that has never before been so connected. How can this be when we really are a part of one massive consciousness?

A conversation with a friend recently inspired this piece. We were talking about a new show on SBS set in Mount Druit and the so-called less fortunate people who reside there. Yes, they are people too. It raised some huge questions in my mind about existence, why do we exist? What allows me to exist? This got me thinking.

Without these so called less fortunate people featured on this hard hitting television show, I would not have a job in welfare, doctors and nurses would become redundant, police would have little to do, where would Today Tonight or A Current Affair be? Do you see what I am saying? We are exploiting those below us in order to live our lives, because our lives are so much better and we are just that much better…

What a lot of us don’t stop to realize is; people who are “above” us also would not exist without us “below” them. Just like a supermarket would not exist without its customers. We are all pawns in the current game of life in this current version of the world and it is reaching critical mass.

I find it interesting to note also that the TV and screen production companies that host these extravagant hard hitting “mocumentaries” seem to profit well from such Logie winning productions and I would hardly think that much of that profit goes back into the pockets of those who they have exploited?

In this current existence we are faced with a crisis, we live in this world of health, wellbeing and fitness yet most fail to see what they are actually doing and the irony of which they portray. Very few lead because they are leaders, many lead in order to benefit in some way shape or form and sadly, that is not always in the best interest of the masses of which they lead, but for themselves in order to move up a rank in the chain of command in which we live.

At what cost are we really living our lives everyday? Who pays for that cost, be it monetary or with their simple existence? I love that many will sit down to watch these shows and then go about their lives the next day like nothing. Many will go to work in the health profession, welfare or police force the next day and not even blink an eye; and there it is.

Ignorance, it is truly bliss. To justify our existence based on the fact that we are helping those who are less fortunate that ourselves when in actual fact, if we did not keep them there so some extent via a method of control, we would not exist in our current capacity and be forced to make some serious life changes.

Ignorance however, in 2015 is inexcusable. In the age of readily available information there is no excuse for it. Yet, we justify our existence with phrases like “I identified a demand”. With each identification of a demand for something new, so often comes the demise of something old, and what is more so, something which a mass of people depended on and is now not required to have them there anymore – such as technology.

I have to question; if creativity starts in the mind, what is going on in some of our minds because it is seemingly leading to our demise as a human race before such time as everybody even being on the same page about what it means to be human. We all have this innate need to be individuals, or do we? Were we just told that and now we are conditioned into believing it? Think on it.

Think long and hard about your place in the world and what and who allows you to exist each and everyday and if the current system truly serves you or if you feel you are ready to change it? Let’s face it, there is no need at this current time or as we “progress” into the future for us to have this system of others feeding off of us and we feeding off of someone else in the way in which we do. Let’s do something about it.

Are you really ready?

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