On Getting Still When You Feel You Have Lost Direction


It’s easy to feel a little lost in the world today. Things move so fast and it can often leave us feeling like we are getting left behind. How can we maintain direction in our lives if we can’t get still to reassess every one in a while?

I follow a range of writers, columnists, life coaches, psychologists, yoga teachers, the list goes on and I all of a sudden snap together an opinion based on my reading and observations and BAM – here it is. Of late I’ve been observing a lot of people falling down, down on their luck, down in their jobs, their marriages, their relationships, everything just seems to be coming to a head and some major changes are needing to be made. But what does that look like?

I know myself I have been at some of these very same decision points and at a crossroads more or less, one which I thought I was at two years ago and had figured it out but it would seem as if that was merely a dress rehearsal for what is going on in my life right now and a lot of others.

There is such a social pressure out there on not just young people in particular, but everyone of all ages to be constantly striving for this goal, but the reality is that what we are told to strive for is like that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow which we’ve heard so much about, but never get to hold in our hands or know for ourselves if it truly exists.

I’ve been in a lot of conversations lately with friends and family about where I am at in life, what’s going on in my head, what I am feeling and what I am going to do about it. I’ve been told to just do what makes me happy, to truly be me but there is often this soft undertone in some when they say this to you of “but don’t do anything crazy”. What even is crazy? Is crazy giving up your 9-5 job which we are told is so important to life, is crazy just dropping everything you’ve ever done in your existence and completely making a change? Or is crazy following this dangling carrot of “having direction” and formulating a plan for your life and sticking to it. This, as we should know by now is not possible. Life often has other plans and when we remove ourselves from a situation going on in our worlds, things often become quite clear.

For how can we have direction if we cannot be still? Be still, listen, and feel, make the next right move from that place, not from the place you are told you need to be in order to get to where you are told you need to go. We know it’s not right to feel like our chests are caving in day in and day out, we know it’s not right to take painkillers just to get through the next day, or even worse the next hour. We know that the show must go on, but must it go on in a world of pain? Simple answer, stop, slow down and take stock of what your body is telling you and then make an informed decision as to how to avoid your body getting to that point again.

There is a huge shift occurring in us right now and we need to take the lead for the benefit of future generations. As our bodies tell us what is right or wrong, so does nature and so does the planet we live on. History has shown us time and time again where we have made mistakes and left it to hindsight as opposed to foresight, I believe the time has finally come to be a little less calculated and leave a little more up to gut feeling and chance because if it feels right, then can it be wrong?

I leave you with that.

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