Why I “Unliked” 1000 Facebook Pages And “Liked” It.


Its simple, you reap what you sew, you get back what you put out, this was not happening. Unliked its not even a word but I am willing to look past this for this piece. This is why I unliked 1000 Facebook pages and liked doing it.

I’ve been supporting a lot of people on their journeys by liking their Facebook pages and sharing their content and I always take a mental note of who these people are and what they do. I’ve got a couple of pages myself, and tonight, as I went back through my list of pages I’ve supported, I’d not seen any of these individuals supporting me, so I thought, well, this simply isn’t fair, its not an exchange of energy, so I’ll withdraw my support and happily go on my way.

I find it really trivial even writing about this but this is the world we have built for ourselves, think of the number of times a day you here about someone’s followers, or likes, or shares, it really is a whole new language. But the time has come in my life to pull back, to unlike, to withdraw my support from those who have not supported me. I am making a lot of changes and I have chosen to start here. I’ve been plucking away at it for a while, where I’ve seen a content or a post I have not agreed with, I’ve clicked that button there and then. But tonight I chose to embark on a bulk mission to clear my newsfeed of crap I don’t want to see and to back away from those who have never come forward to support me, fairs fair right?

It’s a refreshing feeling, shedding this virtual weight off of my shoulders and clearing my world of posts and content not relevant to anything in my life nor the direction I am heading. I read an interesting article the other day about how Google shape the world we live in by tracking what we search for and providing only these search’s as advertising, essentially shaping our view of the world. So I’ve taken an opportunity tonight with my Social Media accounts to re-shape my world that I login to more often than I should and am getting some time back supporting those who support me.

Next task…unsubscribing from pesky emails…

Until next time!

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