When We Are At Our Most Insane, Are We At Our Most Sane?

As I move through what I have termed my third dimension breakdown but my ninth dimension breakthrough, this question keeps coming to me. When we are at our most insane, are we actually at our most sane?

Having worked in human services for almost 10 years now, I’ve always looked to those who we have labelled as being mentally ill as almost antennas for what is about to occur within those who are supposedly helping them.

I’ve always had a belief that those who we’ve labelled as mentally ill are tuned into a different frequency, perhaps a more raw and unfiltered one where they know no boundaries and feel and express everything exactly as they do. There are no such things as social norms, laws or boundaries in their world. One could argue that we all start out like this at the beginning of our lives. We cry when we’re hungry, we have a tantrum when we don’t get what we want. We are so pure and unfiltered until such time as the decision is made to start the process of filtering and conditioning and we are subtly persuaded into thinking, acting and behaving in a way which is said to be acceptable.

In my mind, here lies the issue. What would a world look like that we truly able to grow organically? What would that look like for us humans? We believe we’ve got a lot of things figured out and this belief, I believe comes back to the fact that we can communicate, or think we can with our words. But just because we can use words, is no reflection on our ability to communicate. Communication is much more, it is the act of listening, reading, interpreting and choosing whether or not we need to formulate a response.

Look around at society today, where doe the frustrations lie? People, when they feel as if they are not being seen or heard, can do some extreme things. This gets back to either feeling connected or disconnected. I watched a great TED talk about connection and addiction and how when a particular researcher started to look at the link between the two in a different light, many breakthroughs and discoveries were made.

We can choose to participate in the world as it is known or not, we can choose to abide by the laws, rules and regulations or we can choose not to – and for that there are consequences. Consequence can have a negative connotation to it, for every action there is a reaction and so on, we often think of the negatives with regard to this. But for every positive action there is also a positive reaction, how often do we stop and appreciate this? Sometimes not often enough.

I believe that there is a huge shift in consciousness occurring right now, there has been for quite some time and in this instance, more people are feeling it individually and also as a collective. It’s in the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink. The disconnection we have experienced in the quest for being connected has done nothing but that, left a lot of us feeling disconnected because we have lost all meaning of what connection is in the first place because we’ve allowed external influences to dictate to us what connection means, not what it feels to us as individuals. Where I called this piece “when we are at our most insane, are we at our most sane”, is coming to our senses and wanting to foster some huge changes in our world’s insanity? Some textbooks may say yes, but a text book essentially is just the written form of someone’s observations based on their perception of a situation or event, nothing more or nothing less, much like what I have written here.

It gets back to something simple in my view, if it feels right, do it, if it feels wrong or stops being fun, stop it or leave. Tension in our bodies and an off feeling in our stomachs is our bodies normal response to a situation that is not good for us, we need to talk less and listen more, I wonder how much more we would hear if this occurred?

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