My Bucket List

Bucket List
I can’t say I’ve ever been a bucket list kind of guy but I saw the book in the picture above and something told me that I had to have it and I had to explore it. So I bought it and continued along with my day. I got to my next stop for accommodation and was unpacking a few things and thought I’d take a look.

Something about this book oozed character, mystery, depth, possibility, this book is the stuff dreams are made of, quite literally, there is space for 101 dreams plus stories along the way of some amazing people who I’d been following on and off online so it really hit a chord with me.

The book talks to you, it asks you questions, it asks you when, where and why you picked it up and took it home, it asks you what you plan on doing with it, it asks you why you haven’t done anything about it yet and why that may be. It goes ahead and asks you what you love, what you’re addicted too, what you’re terrified of and it was interesting for me that when I answered these three questions, the answers were all the same, thinking.

It asks you how you are going to start your bucket list, what you want to do, how you’re going to do it, how it will make you feel, do you want to do it alone or do you want others to be there. Perhaps the most terrifying question of all; In five years I want to be…

It asks you to dream BIG with this one, the book takes on a persona, it becomes an extension of who you are. As you write in the book, there is no effort, there is no challenge, there is just flow, symbolic right? The book for me is starting to fill up with things I want to do, how I want to do them and who I want to do them with and how I am going to make it happen.

It asks at every point, “to make it happen I need to”… which I found myself writing for every answer, “allow it”… so simple right? So what’s the challenge then? If all we must do in life in order to do the things we want and choose to do is to allow ourselves to do it, then lets do it!

Listing out dreams one by one as they come to me has been therapeutic in a way, it’s taken me outside of my head for a while and allowed me time to slow down. Maybe I should do this more often I hear the book say…well bucket list…maybe I should and I’ll be coming for you.

Until next time…

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