Take A Leap Of Faith – We Never Know What Is Around The Corner


Do what you can with you have so you can do what you’re here to do, take a leap of faith.

This exact sentence came to me today as I was driving somewhere in hills of NSW so I pulled over and madly wrote it down to return to it this afternoon to expand!

I was dreaming of a new life while taking in the countryside and the new scenery and thought, how can I get here on a more permanent basis? What can I do to move my life here and start some new beginnings?
Quit my job was the first thing that came to mind, as so many people talk about that moment where they decided to quit their jobs or their lives and move elsewhere in search of something new. I paused on this for the moment and quickly realized that this was not my immediate answer but realized quickly that I can move with my current job and then build on my skills and abilities I’ve been acquiring for quite some time now. Whilst at times I had no idea why I was studying or learning certain things, I’ve always had a knowing that it was for some kind of greater purpose and that I was being guided along in a direction, one closer to my heart, soul and happiness.

It got me thinking about many people in the same situations. I watched a documentary about a family that started a new life on an island after being fed up with their jobs and lives in the city. The woman on the show mentioned how one day she woke up and realized she’d spend most of her days on the M4 motorway in the UK and at the point, sold her house and car, quit her job and went travelling where she met her now husband with whom she’s literally built a new life.

That moment of realization that something is a miss or that we are doing things so robotically day and day out which is giving us little or no satisfaction is something which I am confident, a lot of us can related to. So the question is around bridging that gap, how do we go from being hamsters in a wheel, slaving to the man, to our car payments, to our mortgages and other commitments to calling on our talents from our youth and being rewarded for it enough to make a living? That famous quote comes to might right now about getting paid for what we love doing so we’ll essential never work a day in our lives because we’ll not think of it as work.

If you’re feeling the itch, or have come to the realization that you’re spending more time in traffic going to and from an obligation than you are on activities which you enjoy, how can you make the best of this situation so that it can help you to get closer to where you want to be? It’s so easy to think of our jobs and commitments that tie us down, but in actual fact, at a point in time we did CHOOSE them so now we must make a CHOICE on how we are going to leverage from these now commitments in order to project ourselves forward into the live we wish to lead and the happiness we so truly deserve. Take stock of what you’ve got around you, whilst you may have the urge to just quit everything and run away, sit for a while and work out a plan. Take one step, and then from that point take another, and from that point take another. Its overwhelming looking at the bigger picture sometimes and often it is not what it looks like in our minds anyway once we manifest it, though aspects of it will feel and look as we’d imagined.

When that overwhelming feeling hits, and it will, sit, breathe in a controlled manner and calm your mind, body and soul and from that point, navigate to your next right move and when the time calls, repeat.

Thanks for reading.

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