We All Possess That One Unique Thing That No One Else Does


We all have that one talent, that one thing that people come to us for, that one thing that gets us up in the morning, something unique to just us. Sure, sometimes it can take a while for us to find it, or rather a while for us to remember it but we all have that one thing. We all hold that vibration, are tuned into that frequency, that is ours and only ours and we came here to use it. So what are you using yours for and if you’re not or have not found or remembered it, how are you going to and how will you know when?

On the flipside of this, we all know when we’re not quite on the right station, when we’re not quite tuned in, when things just don’t feel right. When we are making simple mistakes, having to read things two or three times just to take in the message, when we’re restless, anxious, unhappy. We’re all too familiar with that feeling and we seemingly take more notice of those times when we’re not feeling quite right than appreciating when we are completely and utterly tuned in and feeling unstoppable.

When we start out these journeys as young humans, we begin to take in information, we respond to our immediate environment and we start to do things without so much of a thought. Some of us may draw; some may be drawn to music, some of us maybe inquisitive and be forever breaking into things around the house or pulling things apart. Do you remember what you used to do when you were young before society told you that you have to go through a particular system of education and conformity but at the same time, are being told that you have a choice in the form of electives? Do you remember hearing that, thinking about that and feeling that that did not sound or feel quite right?

When we think about that one thing that we all have, it can be anything, just that one thing that gives you that feeling of utopia and time almost stops when you do it, do you smile? Have you found or continued to do that one thing that you came here to do as a young human? Have you carried on the traits and behaviours unique to your frequency?

If not, that’s ok, that’s why you’re reading this and this will prompt some subtle changes over time and you will start to remember all of the things that you use to do when you were pure and on your station, vibrating at the vibration that is unique to you and only you. Sometimes we choose to look out at others as to why they are around us or why people come to us, this is a great mechanism for gauging what it is that you came here to do, that one thing.

Once you find it, all of the bother, the worry and the stress that we can bring into our lives will seemingly drop away, if only for a short time in the beginning. As we practice our vibrations when we’re doing what we came here to do, then it will all drop away on a more permanent basis and it will get easier and easier to get into that space and to stay there.

Allow yourself to feel your way to where you are at your best and don’t allow thoughts to get in the way of your progress. Allow yourself to feel yourself being pulled or guided into a different direction, it is that one thing we came here to do calling out to you to come back to it, so you can unite as one once again and allow the real you to shine.

Thanks for reading.

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