R U OK? 

Today is National R U OK day and in 2015, with all of the stresses we are under in our daily lives, this is something we should be asking everyday.
Today though houses a particular focus on it. Mental health is something that does not discriminate, it doesn’t care how much money you earn, how fit you are, how good looking you are or really about any part of you at all. It just creeps up on you one day or perhaps its been circulating in your families gene pool and your number is up, who knows.
All I know is that as someone who has worked in Welfare for almost 10 years, it’s not pretty and can really destroy lives if not picked up early enough and managed well. We’ve all got our issues that we are dealing with everyday, most of us are also taking on others issues because as humans, that’s just what we do. Today, more so than any day is about taking the time to ask the question of your friend, your partner, your brother or sister, someone you don’t even know who may be looking a little lost or worried, R U OK?
I couldn’t find the exact quote, but I did read somewhere a while ago that in people who been having suicidal thoughts and had made a plan to go through, it was just one person who was kind to them, or waved to them, or even smiled at them shortly before making that decision that changed their mind.
Asking one simple question sometimes can literally save a life.
There is so much help out there these days for mental health and in my opinion, no more is there such a stigma attached to it as there once was, perhaps even only a few years ago.
If you or someone you know is or has fallen on hard times, please ensure you reach out and get the help you need, talk to someone, anyone who you may trust or even someone who you may not even know, just get the conversation going.
All the best 🙂

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