Jupiter in Retrograde – 2016

Jupiter Retrograde

The Jupiter Retrograde, how I love thee.

Now I am going to be a little bias in this piece as being a Sagittarius, Jupiter is my ruling planet and one, which I love. It is large, full of surprises and the driving force behind many decisions made, feelings felt, and outbursts, random adventures and does a particularly good job at assisting intuition. It’s also occurring during a Mercury Retrograde and we’ve got a New Moon Coming up this weekend to so it truly is a magical start to the year!

What does retrograde mean? Well, many think that this means a planet begins to start moving around the Earth in the opposite direction, but this is simply not so, it may well appear that way but I can assure you it is not. Where Jupiter is in Retrograde, this becomes a great time to turn its usual influences on their heads and place an emphasis on inner awareness and growth. It’s a calling to get in touch with your personal integrity and really hone in on what that’s about. You may find that during this time more so than normal, you’re dealing with fake people, information and just general fake behaviour both in yourself others. Take this for what it is, try not to attach too much emotion to it, just work through it bit by bit and do what needs to be done.

This is a great time to reflect on how honest you’re being with yourself first and foremost as this will form the basis of how honest you’re being with those around you. You may find that you’re playing a character even to yourself, which is far from your true inner being.

Opportunities may arise during this retrograde period and they are by no means a coincidence, but the result of seeds you’ve previously planted and have been tending to while they grow. Keep an eye out for people you meet or connections from the past during this period.

You may find you’re being more philosophical than usual and this we can attribute to Jupiter also. This is a magical time to explore philosophies and delve into the spiritual side of you and of life, perhaps time to go over an issue of the past in a philosophical or spiritual light. This is a great time for going back to education you’ve previously deferred or put off until ‘later’ or to reconnect with friends that have become long lost due to how ‘busy’ life can be.

Jupiter has a rather nice humanitarian side to it, it is a large planet and is one of giving and seemingly never runs out of love and energy to give. This may present the perfect time to launch that project you’ve been thinking about for a while but were stuck for ideas on how to fund it or get it off the ground. Opportunities to connect with like-minded people may arise so make sure you’re seeing the opportunities in everything.

Alas here we have Jupiter’s Retrograde for 2016, said to run from around the 7-8th of January until the 9th of May. Enjoy what this wonderful Planet has to offer you. Reflect, be still, take all the time you need, let go and trust in the process that is occurring and you will be pleasantly surprised in all that you can achieve.


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