The New Moon in Capricorn

New Moon

The New Moon in Capricorn graces us with its appearance today, January 9, so I’d be expecting a time of practicality and time spent in the mind. It’s interesting how this New Moon occurs within the current Mercury Retrograde, as slowing down, taking stock and planning are all characteristics of a Retrograde period and what better influence to have around than that of the practical, yet determined Capricorn.

Being an Earth sign, Capricorns are more often than not quite practical, well thought out and articulate beings. They take in all of their surroundings and are seemingly forever scanning their environment for opportunities for growth, to build, to utilise what is around them for the greater good.

As I touched on at the beginning, the New Moon in Capricorn occurring during a Retrograde is almost a match made in heaven so to speak, almost literally in this case. Slowing down, staying out of the firing line and getting back to Earth, grounding yourself and your being, solidifying some direction and going over old ground is the order of this time. Where Capricorns are seemingly forever scanning and analysing their surroundings and those around them, don’t be surprised if you take notice of things which you’ve not before. Goings on, conversations, people, objects around the house or on your daily commute that you had a faint awareness of but never really took that much notice. People may rotate back through your life whom you’ve not thought about nor seen for quite some time. Decide if there is a meaning to be searched for behind any goings on that occur during this time, if there is, leave no stone unturned!

This is such a peaceful beginning to 2016, not just both of these magical occurrences but the year in general. We’re currently in a 9 year this year which signifies endings of various things, jobs, relationships, habits and many more things. Whilst this is not set in stone for everyone, for those of you who choose to stay in tune with your higher self, you’ll know what I mean. There is a certain harmony above and around all of us this year, one which plays a much sweeter tune than that of 2015, where things got quite chaotic at times and felt a little uncomfortable.

So my parting message for this time is to ultimately sit back, review, relax and make observations, feel things, allow your mind a break for a short period, it will be there when you need it but it too needs a break from time to time. Much easier said than done but if you can, remove yourself from the process and allow it to continue, for often we can be our own blockers in moving forward in our lives. By getting out of our own ways, that which needs to happen will and the which doesn’t won’t. Simple right?

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