How to Survive Your Saturn Return: A Checklist That Will See You Through Until the End!

Saturn Return

The Saturn Return, what is it? What does it mean? What do you need to do?

Here is a short list of essentials to do during your Saturn Return to ensure that you survive, and get the most out of it;

1. Breathe
2. Keep breathing
3. Stop and check that you are breathing
4. Be happy that you are breathing
5. Repeat

Provided you stick to this above list, you will be fine, and anything that happens between steps 1 & 5 will soon be a distant memory!

So that’s pretty much the long and the short of it, just joking, I have much more to tell you.

Let’s get to it!

In astrological terms, the Saturn Return is an astrological transit that occurs when the planet Saturn Returns to the same place in the sky which it occupied when we were born. The planet may not reach the exact location until we are 29 or 30 years old, the influence of this transit is said to begin to occur in the late 20s, more specifically the age of 27. Psychologically, the first Saturn Return is said to be when we complete adulthood, and perhaps are being faced with some real adult challenges and responsibilities, which, will vary from person to person.

So what does this look like for you?

Well, it may go a little something like this. You are 27 years of age or thereabouts, you’ve studied, you are working in a great job or on a great career path, you have met at least one love of your life, and everything is going great.

You kick up your heals on the weekends after a long week at the office, or whatever it is you do to earn those dollar things. You blow it all away at Friday night drinks after work and you’re gearing up for a night out with friends Saturday, and then you’ll spend Sunday in a haze doing a few things before it all gets crazy busy again.

You’ve really got it made and you’re really going places…right?

So one day you wake up and something doesn’t feel right, you feel a little hollow, or that there is a need within you not being met. You know you need to do something to get back to “normal”, but you are not quite sure what that is. You talk to your friends, you talk to your partner, and you talk to your family, perhaps you even go and see your doctor because you can’t seem to ignite that spark that’s kept you going all this time.

What could possibly be going on?


Somewhere far, far away, is the planet Saturn, hurtling back to where it was at your time of birth, and it is travelling at full speed to bring you back to that point at which you entered the Earth this time around. It is going to wake you, shake you and break you (only for a little while). It is going to push you into places you previously thought were too hard, it will have you asking questions which will have those around you questioning whether you are losing your mind.

Perhaps you are, but as Aristotle famously said;

“No great mind ever existed without a touch of madness.”

So what can you expect during this time and how will you know when it is occurring?

Take it from someone who has been there and perhaps to an extent still is, you’ll know.

I would describe the Saturn Return as a period of restlessness, where you literally wake up one day and start to question everyone and everything. Where you really start to ask the big questions in life and start to explore why you are here, and what you came back to do. It is where you really start to appreciate the lessons that your life thus far has taught you, and you realise that all your experiences to date, be they positive or negative, depending on your perception of them, have all been guiding you along a path.

You will leave your relationships, you will quit your job in the city and head for the hills, you will start to read, you will simplify your life so much that you’ll start to question how and why it got so complicated in the first place.

You will begin to feel whole again, and feel a sense of purpose and achievement within you, which is such a satisfying feeling. You will experience love and connection on a much deeper level, you will experience it with yourself in the first instance, and this will then change your relationships with others as well, for the better.

You are going to feel like your whole world is being turned upside down, and that you are losing control of everything, but all the while you will have this knowing that it is going to be ok. This is what is meant to happen and you are going to become very aware of the lessons you are learning in your life, both at the time, and before you come across them and you will start to experience life on a very conscious level.

This path you’ve been guided along is one which deep down, you know.

You know it exists, and you know your place on this planet, and you know just how big you can be. The next step during your first Saturn Return is becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable, so that you can handle what the Universe is going to bring your way.

Remember this though, that the Universe will only ever bring you can handle, and you will feel that you cannot handle what it brings you on occasion. At times you are going to feel out of your comfort zone, and Adrenalin and exhilaration is going to be the driving force for pushing you forward. Pushing you forward and guiding you along your path.

After you experience first Saturn Return, you then enter a series of cycles, said to be seven-year cycles, but these can vary depending on your date of birth, there are many calculators available online to see what yours are.

Something you should be prepared for are the dark days, those days when it all gets too much, and living this life of awareness and existence feels like it is too hard. You might feel the urge to go back to your old life, working like a drone during the week and blowing it all away Friday and Saturday nights because that’s “just what we do”. Dangerous words those, and words that are no longer fitting to who you are as a person or to the life you are destined to live.

Remember the checklist at the start?

1. Breathe
2. Keep breathing
3. Stop and check that you are breathing
4. Be happy that you are breathing
5. Repeat

If you stick to this, you will be fine, and if you have days where sometimes all you can do is breathe, and nothing else, then know that this is OK.

You are not alone in this and we are all in it together. Talk about it, read about it, but by no means keep it all to yourself.

You will know when you have had enough time within, and when it is time to come back out of yourself and into the world again. The Universe will give a gentle nudge at first, and if you ignore, it will give you a stronger nudge until you feel it, and act on it.

At the end of the day, you are going to survive this, and you are going to be OK. All that there is really left to do is just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride that is coming your way, because it is going to be all kinds of weird, wonderful and uncomfortable things, but I cannot stress to you enough how deeply satisfying this time of your life is going to be, and how much you will always look back on it and smile.

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