Full Moon In Leo Tonight: Stand Tall And Proud!


The Moon will be full in Leo tonight and with it brings Leo’s fiery energy, which will be pulling many to the centre stay screaming LOOK AT ME!

The Leo is a proud being, they radiate confidence in all that they do, and they’d never show otherwise if they did not feel confident. They aren’t afraid to look at you with disapproval should you do or say anything that they disagree with. They are a seeker of truth and you may feel you are being called to seek your deepest truths during this

Full Moon, which may be a happy or a hostile time within you.

Leo calls you to own it, own whatever it is you do and whoever it is that you are. You are the King of Queen of your domain and during this time you will simply let the world fall away and revolve around you, many will feel as if they are at the eye of the storm, the calm centre watching the chaos unfold around them.

As the Moon lights the sky during the night, the cosmos is putting on quite the show for us from January 20 – February 20 where 5 planets are lighting up for us.

Some of you could be in for a bumpy ride as the energies align and intensify but know this and know yourself. Use this insight to seek refuge if things heat up and remember that self-preservation is and ok thing to do. If you’re feeling like you’ve got pent up energy and can’t sit still (as many of us do leading up to a Full Moon and in the days immediately after) channel it into something productive or physical to keep your mind quiet and your body busy.

Also be aware that 2016 is a 9-year which for many symbolises the ending of many things in our lives, old habits, friendships, relationships, and thoughts. Focus during the peak of the Full Moon on what your intentions are for the next month and for the rest of the year and keep your focus there, reward yourself with consistency but don’t beat yourself up if you are a little all over the place, we’re all figuring many things out for the first time.

Enjoy the Moon rays and all their beauty!


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