Looking At Life Through A Filter

Life Filter

We know about putting filters on our photos on the Internet, but are we actually looking at life through a filter? Have you ever stared at, or been given a problem, which you know the answer to, but for some reason you just can’t quite get it out?

I’m sure most of us can relate to this but perhaps under a different label, just as society would have it, labeled. For so long I knew that I knew the answers to questions and problems that I faced in both my professional and personal life but for some reason was not successful in articulating the answers. I thought to myself, am I afraid? Is this fear? Am I afraid that I will get it wrong and then will be judged for being ‘dumb’?

I would have to say that at points in my life I have to say yes, I let people and society make me feel like my knowledge, opinions and natural ability was not good enough. Whilst rolling in what I thought were my friendship groups I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t being heard the way I was projecting myself and deep down I felt as if I didn’t belong, as if there was something better or more out there for me. Low and behold, there was and is!

I’ve called this post “Looking At Life Through A Filter” as I liken what happened to me and am confident has, is, and will continue to happen to others as there being a filter put on us. Those who are trying to better themselves by dumbing us down and saying that we are wrong, crazy or out of this world put filters on us so only the information which makes them look better or more inflated, as I like to say, is allowed into the mainstream.

I, with the help of attracting the right people into my life have been successful in lifting this filter from my own life and am now going on to help others lift it from theirs as there is unlimited potential in people, as the individual and also people as the collective.

As Arnold Schwarzenegger said in a recent speech I had the pleasure of listening too, “don’t listen to the nay sayers”. This rings so true! They will always be there trying to put you down and as they say, haters are gonna hate! Its up to us to manage those that wish to continue behaving in such a way and up to us to nurture those who are ready and willing to rise up and escape and become one of the lucky ones who progress on so many levels and truly to begin to live life as it should be!

So what’s the moral of this story? It’s simple; know who you are; if you don’t know that, allow yourself to go on a journey to find who you are. Trust me, you will be pleasantly surprised. Don’t worry if you find yourself more than once during your time on this Earth, believe me that is more than ok! Go with your instinct and your intuition, we were given this for a reason, it’s our own built in compass that helps us get through this thing they call life.

Mainstream society will try and beat it out of you and more often than not they will succeed by the time you finish school, but now that you are reading this, you will be enlightened to get back basics, re-connect where there has been a dis-connection and re-boot!

If you take one thing from this post let it be this, take 5 minutes from your day to look inside and around you at what is truly serving you for the better, start there and prosper.

Thanks for reading.

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