6 Reasons To Use Tinder Other Than Finding Someone To F*ck


Tinder, some say it’s the best thing since sliced bread, others feel it’s made us more judgmental than ever as we swipe left or right, more often than not, based on a few pictures and a couple of lines of text. But, are there more reasons to use Tinder other than finding the next night of unbridled passion? Let’s take a look.

  1. Not everyone on there is DTF

Believe it or not, not everyone on online dating sights are looking to f*ck tonight. Think about why you’re on there. Some people are just looking for new friends in a new city; some are looking for a new start in their old lives. Don’t assume that because it’s 3am after a night out drinking, that everyone on Tinder is looking to hookup.

  1. Networking

It’s the Internet and the world we live in. Most if not all of us Gen Y’s have a large presence online and this is merely an extension of that. You can use it strategically if you’re looking to network with others professionally, build a brand or a business. It’s just another avenue to explore when meeting people. You don’t even have to ever meet them in person; there is a whole virtual existence, which many of us are living so why not add a few more to your circles?

  1. It’s basically social media

It’s basically another Social Media profile. Sure, it’s aimed at those looking to date or hookup, but essentially it’s just another platform where you’re telling others who you are, how old you are and often quite personal information about yourself. You don’t have to send nudes as some kind of mating ritual, stick to your morals and keep it tasteful; things stay on the Internet long after you’ve logged off.

  1. Market Research

Look at Tinder as an opportunity to check out what your opposition is up to. Maybe its not the most ethical of practices but there is no harm in changing up your gender or preferences on your profile to see what you are competing with right? You never know, you might gain some meaningful insight into where you are going wrong and could improve your game, or you could even end up meeting someone amazing who you might otherwise not have.

  1. You might have grandkids one day

I don’t think many people think about this but if you spent your 20’s and early 30’s sending d*ck and t*t pics over the internet to strangers, imagine how you’ll feeling looking your grandkids in the eye on day with those memories. What can seem like a harmless interaction with someone you plan on hooking up with can quickly get bigger than you. It can take a lifetime to build a reputation and a split second to destroy it. Don’t let being horny late at night ruin your prospects of employment or meeting a life partner.

  1. You’re better than that.

Ultimately, what you want out of Tinder is a reflection of what you want out of life at a point in time in my opinion. Sure, we all get horny, we all get lonely, and looking for a mate is a primal urge. But trawling the Internet day in and day out looking for our next 5 minutes of fun is gross. Stop it, you’re better than that and you know it. Think long and hard before you even download the app as to what you are really looking for as it may influence your thinking in an entirely different way. Stay classy and remember, the Internet never forgets and things have a way of coming back to haunt us when we least suspect it.

Happy swiping!


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