Right Here: Why This Track Is Your Awakening Code


Let it out into the open, right here right now is your awakening code.

The lyrics to Rudimentals Right Here were like a confirmation code of an awakening I’ve been having for some time now. Take a listen to it here if you like.

GENUIS. I cannot count the number of times I’m alone late at night at home, feeling all of the good things that are growing inside of me that I am yet to manifest and let loose on the world. I also cannot shake the feeling that in this moment of being alone, I am also not alone as I have a knowing that there are many of us across the globe in the same situation. Going through the motions of life in order to be able to eat and have somewhere to live but knowing that there are these huge dreams inside that we will all bring into fruition.

“Cos everybody’s got something

Something they can’t hide

Let it out into the open

Right here, right now”

I cannot express how excited I get for everyone who listens to these words and this song, for it and they hold the key to the freedom we each have within us!

“Late at night when you realize your on your own

I know the feelings inside you start to grow”

This track literally takes me away, not matter the day I am having or where I am. It has the power to take me away to a place of pure bliss, it brings me home, brings me back to my soul and to my centre of my own universe. I wrote a few months ago a piece call we’ve all got that one thing which I felt compelled to write during a trip to Byron Bay mid last year. It’s almost to uncanny that this song should appear in my life at a time where I am seeing so clear and though I am on the verge of huge change, feel comforted in the fact that the artist channeled these words into the form of music and song and I had the privilege of buying it and listening to it many times.

I am a firm believer that the Universe brings us messages at the exact time we most want them and they come through many forms; other people, books, TV, music. I’ve always found it strange how I can remember the words to every song I’ve every heard and every song I here for the first time almost immediately but can’t remember peoples names. Here lies the magic of music and in my mind, proves to me that everything holds its own vibration and our minds seek out vibrations to both match us and take us higher. Great artists know this and listen out for what is not being communicated to their followers and they provide them with the message to move them forward whilst engaging them at the same time.

My Solar Plexus is literally buzzing as I write this and have the track playing in the background. I can’t explain why I felt the need to write this, perhaps this is my gift to my followers and to the artist behind this track of passing on the message to those who have not heard it nor are open to this type of message yet. All I know is these words are flowing through me and that I am living the song by “letting it out into the open, right here right now”.

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