The Cast Of Goggle Box Are Everything That Is Right With Australia


I must admit, I rolled my eyes pretty hard at the concept of viewers watching viewers watch TV, but, with most things in my life, I gave it a go and sat down on Thursday night last year and I watched an episode. I was hooked, right there and then, the entire concept and the way in which it was shot was genius, so captivating, I felt a part of the show and made sure that my Thursday nights were free for the remainder of the season. The cast of goggle box are everything that is right with Australia, and we need to hear from them more often.

It was the casting, the producers had done a stellar job of casting the participants of the show. They were from a range of backgrounds, demographics and ages, a true representation of the Australian population. What sold it for me though was that whenever they would show the participants watching a show about douche bags or just shitty people in general, EVERY ONE of them called it for what it was. There was no scripted filtering as we see in the mainstream media and regular television programming.

I breathe a sigh of relief in knowing that there are people out there who each let out a giant SIGH when they witness the absolute stupidity of some of the shows on our screens of an evening.

I even went to the length of going to the website and reading about the cast of the show to know more, I had to know more about who these people were. They were fantastic humans and shining examples of each demographic they represented.

So why do I think that these folk should replace everyone who is currently on Australian television? Well, a few reasons. Every dog has its day so the saying goes and I don’t know about anyone else, but I am really tired of seeing the same faces (or slightly altered from injections and surgery) every morning as I go about my routine and each night when I come home to my sanctuary to relax. Television talk shows have become anything but informative, the absolute saturation of media stories we are showered with throughout the course of a typical day is staggering. So by the time I’ve heard a story read from the same script for the ninth time, I’m a little over it and seeking some sort of refuge to ensure the growth and sustainability of my brain cells.

I think too, it’s obvious when hosts and co-hosts hate each other and its unbearable to watch the sideways looks and listen passive aggressive tones in the comfort of my own home. The cast of gogglebox are raw, truth speaking people and mirror exactly what is going on in living rooms across the country, in my opinion of course, well, plus that of many people who also watch the show.

So kudos to you, both the cast and the produces that have crafted this fine specimen and may you grace our screens on Thursday nights for many more seasons to come, and hopefully all other shows doing what you do, being yourself and telling it how it is. We need more people like you in the public eye!

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