Are We Really Worse Off Than Our Parents?


Are we really worse off than our parents these days?

Well, there are many angles that we can look at that question from. I started writing a piece a few months ago which was basically having a go at the baby boomers and between then and now, many articles have appeared across the world wide web which said what I was going to say so I decided to park it. But it was this article that came along just recently on the which caught my eye this week so I decided to put my fingers to the keys in response.

Will all of us be able to buy a house? Will we be able to continue to afford our green smoothies and kale chips, sitting on up-cycled pallets judging the world from our smart phones and tablets?

I doubt it. So what are we going to do? Should we keep writing articles about how poor and disadvantaged we are and then move on with our lives and do nothing to follow through? Gen Y, we need to cut the shit and the whining and get things done.

Kit Brookman makes some great points in this article, but it paints a picture in my mind of someone looking at the ground, mumbling a response and shrugging their shoulders when prompted with a question of what to do about the apparent mess of a world that a generation of self-fulfilling prophecies, AKA Baby Boomers have created. I disagree with Eamon Flack’s opinion that the fire in Gen Y’s has been lost, I believe it is well and truly alive but we just don’t know how or where to channel it.

We are all so “empowered” these days, we look after ourselves first, we do progressive things like yoga and Pilates and sit in rooms feeling good about ourselves yet never bother to look at or speak to the person next to us. We feel like we are participating just because we are in the room.

Regarding the articles reference to climate change, is it happening or is it not? I don’t know firsthand because I’ve never conducted my own studies. I can only go on the information provided to me via the various spoons and breasts that feed me information. But how about, regardless of whether these pending doom like issues are happening or not, we get a grip on our anxieties and depressive states via the tools and strategies available to us in his modem day, stop bathing in self-pity and writing Facebook statuses about our journeys and sort out some world issues? Just a thought.

I take comfort in the hope that there is a large percentage of people that do not engage in the Internet or Social Media arena and are coming up with ways of taking our species into the future, but we’ll never know because they are offline. Perhaps like a lot of what is online should be also, perhaps even this comment, I’ll leave that to the public decide.

What am I hoping to achieve with this rant? I’ll spell it out, it’s time well pulled our heads from our arses and actually made some progressive changes on a large scale in a collective manner. We need to stop looking so hard inside of our apparent empowered being and look up and live again. Talk to your Yoga friends, go for a green smoothie and sit on a piece of old timber and pay $25 for the experience if you want, after all, this is the type of world that we Gen Y’s have been creating over the last 5 years. The us versus them has been going on for long enough and it is going nowhere. The current system does not serve us anymore so instead of picking holes in it, let’s look at building a new one. It’s 2016, I believe that we can start using a bit of foresight to influence decision making processes from now on as opposed to relying on hindsight, because that has proven on many more than one occasion to just not work.


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