Mind, Body & Spirit – The House We Live In


Mind, Body & Spirit – The House We Live In, but how often do we stop to realize this?

Lately I’ve been sitting back and observing behaviours, listening to the words people are saying, including myself, and have made some peculiar observations. There is an awakening occurring, one which has been for a while but is gaining more and more momentum as the days go on and as the vibration of the planet continues to increase.

If we think of our minds and bodies as the houses that we live in for a moment, what does that mean? Would you just let anyone or anything into your house at any given time? I’d be confident in saying no, but we are all guilty at times of allowing things, people, thoughts, etc. into our minds and our bodies at times and then seeking to blame others external to us for the consequences of this. Sound familiar?

So few are aware of the fact that they are the variable in every situation they find themselves in in their lives, why is that? Why is it so hard to accept blame? To take ownership, to show accountability in decision making? It’s actually quite empowering, well I believe it to be anyway. To take a stand and say that you accept blame just as you would accept an award, acceptance is the action, whatever follows it should not matter.

“Life is so hard.” If I had a dollar for every time I heard that, I’d have more money than I would ever need, and if I was then given a dollar for every time I responded with my standard line, “Life is not hard, people choose to make it hard,” well, I’d have twice as much money again. It all gets back to taking responsibility, taking ownership and coming to the realization that ultimately, almost everything in life is a choice.

Now I know that some will say that this is not true, and I get that. But if we are to look at life from a very deep and spiritual perspective, then many say and many have said that we choose to incarnate in these beings and have the experiences that we do in order to learn the lessons we need to move through the lifetimes. That’s some pretty profound stuff right there. I remember pondering this for a long time when it was first said to me and almost not being able to reconcile that in my brain. I finally came to the conclusion that ultimately it does not matter what anyone believes, as long as they are not harming themselves or anyone else.

Detachment can be the key here with this line of thinking, think back, if you can to when you were a very young child, remember just looking at things, taking in information and forming no judgement what so ever. Was life not bliss at this point? Must we lose this innocence as we age? I believe that we shouldn’t, but in order to appreciate it for what it is, perhaps we should. Make sense?

So what does your house look and feel like? Do you feel comfortable there? Are there any pending renovations you’ve been wanting to make but haven’t allowed yourself the time? Are you busy being busy doing things to distract you from the cause? From your purpose? What is your purpose? Have you pondered it? Are you putting yourself first? Who are you letting into your house?

Please make sure you put the oxygen mask on yourself before helping others, ever stopped to wonder why that is?

I’ll let you ponder that.

Ciao for now.

This piece was also featured on The Huffington Post

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