Why Sleeping With Our Devices Is Making Us Anxious And Crazy

Anxious and Crazy

Sleeping with our devices is making us anxious and crazy.

I’ve been reading articles for a while about how bad WiFi is for our brains and how plants don’t grow properly where there is WiFi as opposed to no WiFi. So I decided to kick it old school and buy a clock radio for $15 from Kmart and leave my phone more than 10 metres away from me at night as the experts say is healthy.

It’s been a 3 months now and I can honestly say that I feel as fresh as I did when I was a child. I feel rested, I feel clearer and I have no anxiety over anything. I reached a point where I would be at home most days and nights with a laptop on Facebook, iPhone on Instagram, iPod on YouTube and TV on Netflix. Insanity at its finest. At no point during of having all of these devices going was I ever present enough to be really paying attention, despite me calling it multi-skilling – it was de-skilling me in the game of life.

People are batshit crazy these days, I have no science to back this up but we are living in times of many disorders, phobias, depressive and anxious episodes and for what reason? Our bodies are 90% water, we have effectively become cucumbers with anxiety. We need to get back ahead of the game, instead of allowing the game to get ahead of us.

Just because the Internet is on 24/7, does not mean we need to be. We don’t need to check every notification, upload a picture of every social situation or meal that we eat. I read an interesting article about the modern day “I think therefore I am” – “I click therefore I am”. How true this author has captured the modern day life and how much of what we are lacking in the human experience it highlights.

In our quest for connection, we’ve become anything but. Unplug, reset and start to feel human again. It’s that easy.

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