We Are Right At The Tipping Point – Awaken We Shall


Many of you that read my words would know there is a bit of a spiritual edge to them and would have gathered that I pull information from a source I am yet to reveal, one who was once of this world but is no longer. Many of you may also be feeling as if we as a species have been hurtling towards some kind of massive shift in our way of being. Many began to awaken and are continuing to do so.

2012 was when many started to wake up. They started waking up to the bullshit of the world we were living in. They started to realise that all was not what it seemed on the surface. They started to realised that much of what they had been told by those in positions of power and influence had lied. They started to think differently and started asking many, many questions.

Perhaps by coincidence, but then again perhaps by divine intervention, I believe, people started using a tool that we are all familiar with for a different purpose than perhaps was intended. A shift occurred. Social Media – yes perhaps the intention was for people to connect and bond with each other in a virtual environment, but as we know, things don’t stay free for long and it was not long before Social Media became a business and people started charging money to teach others how to update their status – I cannot sigh hard enough right now.

Anyway, getting off track is what I do best, or is it me? Another time for the answer to that.
Imagine if you will, a seesaw, now imagine if you will, when there is more weight at one end than the other, what happens? It tips right? So what has been happening for a while is that peoples thinking has changed, and as many of us know, thoughts are energy and thoughts are very very powerful. So as more and more people start thinking differently and start asking questions and demanding the truth, thus taking away the power from corrupt people – the mass of those who are honest and authentic increases and that of the dodgy Kents decreases, to the seesaw tips.

Do you see what I am saying here?

We are right on the VERY EDGE of a HUGE tipping point and there is nothing anyone can do about it. More people than ever before are finally awake, awake to the bullshit that we have been fed for so long, awake to corruption, awake once again to our gut feelings. We are no longer afraid of speaking out. We no longer feel as if we will get institutionalised for saying things a bit left field. We are no longer afraid. We’ve come to realise that fear is something that we have essentially been taught, as a way of keeping us small. To prevent us from blossoming into the beautiful beings that we truly are.

So how amazing is it to be alive right now? How truly wonderful it is. For so long I felt as if I was living in a world that I did not belong in, but as it changes shape, I feel like I could belong nowhere else, and I know many others feel the same.

So make it your daily duty to check in with yourself and check in with your thoughts. Make sure that they are pointed in the direction that is the best fit for you. Make sure you do not beat yourself up if they are not, for we are allowed to make mistakes and essentially everything about our existence is perfection, so know that. We are antennas that both receive and give information in many ways other than by hearing with our ears, seeing with our eyes, and speaking with our mouths and our words. There is much that is communicated on a level which most of us know of, yet are not quite understanding of just yet. But just remember, often we do not have to question everything, allowing things to just be and processes to unfold is how it should be. Often we can get in the way of ourselves and also of processes as they are trying to unfold, so know that and once again, give yourself the break you deserve.

I’ll be seeing you on the other side of the seesaw, and I cannot wait!

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