Hey Everybody!!! Come and See How Amazing My Life Is!!!

Hey Everybody!

But don’t really, just watch it on the Internet.

“Never before has a generation recorded themselves accomplishing so little”


If you don’t understand what that means, please read on. If you do, you can sit with me and have free time for the rest of the afternoon. Snaps for you.

I realise that I am not the first person to address this but I feel it’s my turn, so here goes. My goodness, is there an oversupply of garbage on the World Wide Web these days, and the rise of capturing everything on phones via video is the new cancer of the Internet. Clicks, Likes, Views, Follows, Friends, the new way of measuring how popular we are, on a medium that essentially does not exist. Gaining more and more momentum but at the same time, taking away what it means to be human. Taking away morals before they’ve had time to develop, putting words and quotes in people’s mouths that cannot form a sentence or know the correct use of their, there, or they’re.

“There is nothing more dangerous in this world than those who have a little bit of information”


Perhaps it was my dad who use to say the above quote, perhaps he was lightyears ahead of his time with his views on the world, and perhaps I am channelling it, who knows. Regardless, fucken hell. What a world we are living in. I realise that I sound like a broken down record lately with some of the themes of my posts about the state of the world but it’s a point which we must start to take seriously and really address.

Social Media – again, I know I go on about this a lot and perhaps the irony is that I use it to promote my work and my ideas, but I feel like there is value in that as I am not recording every second of my life on Snapchat or the like for no reason other than to not feel lonely in my actual physical life. As I’ve talked about over the past few months or so, we are coming out the other side of what has been a whirlwind perhaps 5 years or so where we have been saturated with reality TV shows, never ending cooking shows, never ending music and singing shows, never ending glimpses into people’s lives that we see on the internet or via the industry formerly known as the media. We form opinions about people who we have never or never will meet. We allow them to influence our thinking, our purchases, our decision making. We do things because the man on the TV does, or said that we should. No wonder we have a planet full of drugged out droids aimlessly moving about the place not of their own choice, but of their subconscious programming.

Now, I am aware that with everything, there is that minority that tend to ruin things for the majority and it is the majority that must change their ways in order to accommodate those who are special shall we say. So with that I’ll talk about intent, as I perhaps have done so before. With anything in life, I believe that the intent of ones actions carries with it the merit of lack thereof of the action. But again, with that, who polices ones intent? Should there be such vetting on free thinking or free speaking? I can’t decide, perhaps because if there was, I would not be allowed to write, or think, or speak. I’d have to accept that my abstract thinking and theories of the goings on in the world as I see it are not accepted by the majority and we’d be back living in the 1950’s and I’d be locked up scribing my words into a notebook hidden in my mattress. Sorry, I’m back now, I just drifted off into another land. I’m back now.

I’m not really sure what the motivation is behind the beings formerly known as humans capturing every waking, and in some cases sleeping moment of their lives in the hope that someone sees something in them and they end up on Hollywood, or on the cover of a Magazine, because that’s a measure of whether or not you’ve made it, so conditioning would have us believe. But I guess if I get back to intent, if your intent is good and you are sending a positive message out to your friends, followers, likers, commenters, subscribers and whoever else is captivated by how amazing your life is on the internet, then that’s completely fine by me, because, you know, my opinion is just worth so much.

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