Are You Really Doing What You Love Or Are You Having Me On?

Nan doesn’t look too happy in the picture, nor should she be, she’s not mad, just a little disappointed. She would also like to know if you are really doing what you love, or if you are having a lend of her too.

I’ve got a finely tuned antenna for bullshit, and I have to say, it has been picking up some very strong signals for quite some time now. Articles I’ve written in the past on The Six Figure Blog, 5 Ways To Make Money Blogging & Rae-Annes article cover aspects of what I am going to talk about today, but I have much more to tell you.

It’s Synchronicity in action today as I write this when this article landed in my inbox also. Perhaps I’ll write a course on it and charge vast amounts of dollars for people to participate, then develop online content, maybe even an app on the art of Synchronicity. Actually, I won’t do that because it’s a shitty thing to do and we have this amazing piece of technology called where humans can visit at their own leisure to look up what things mean and then decide for themselves if they wish to know more.

This leads into the body of my words for today. Back to my bullshit antenna. I realise that where we focus our attention, shapes what we see and hear in this world, but my goodness, is there an oversupply of people that say the word gratitude these days and are just simply blessed for everything that has happened to them in the last three to five seconds?

It seems that almost every second word spoken of those in influence in the public eye are using inspirational words, sharing quotes and selling lovely framed words for reasonable prices starting anywhere from over $49, plus postage and handling, even quotes that are incorrect or are words that the person being quoted, never said. Lucky that sheep follow without question whenever a gate is opened.


I can’t decide if I am just cynical as hell or if I truly do have a very good antenna for the truth, and when people are NOT being truthful. I’ve been watching a few industries over the last couple of years that at points in time, wanted to be a major part of. Those being Human Resources & the Holistic Healing fields, but I felt that part of these fields started to lose a lot of their integrity and were no longer aligning with my core values and beliefs. I studied my Reiki Masters a few years ago under a very experienced and wise teacher, for what I would call a reasonable price and course structure. As the years have gone by, it’s become almost fashionable to teach Reiki, charge 5 times what the course is worth due to holding it at a beachside mansion, feeding people kale and organic juices and labelling it a retreat…come on guys, are you having me on?

I feel like at this point I should refer back to another piece I wrote a while ago about life having a pre-determined pattern as this something that also applies here. Person has life changing experience, learns things, writes things, teaches things, uses deep words, overcharges for services rendered, develops online course, removes all physical contact, writes e-books, spends rest of life blogging and making videos from a beach in Bali #livethelifeyoulove.

And perhaps there it is, it is not the journey of helping others that these people really love, it’s not the satisfaction they get from truly changing someone’s entire life, it’s the almighty dollar that is the bottom line and drives the hunger to keep going. So I question if you are really doing what you love or if you’ve seen an ad on Facebook or Instagram about being a laptop millionaire so you thought you’d give it a go.

Or maybe I’ve got it all wrong, and this is evolution, and everyone is genuine and not trying to make a dollar out of people who don’t have it.

I’ll let you, the public decide.

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