A Massive Realisation About People

I’ve been grappling for a while now that I have an overwhelming dislike of people as the collective, but a like for the individual. It’s really been bothering me because I know deep down, I genuinely do not dislike people.

I think perhaps I am just another, dare I utter the word, victim. A victim of the oversaturation of news and information not relevant to my daily life, or bodily functions, but alas I have been allowing this oversupply of irrelevant bullshit to affect me. To affect my outlook on life, my appreciation for the little things, and the joy I felt when times were simpler.

I speak to a lot of people individually who share my views.

But it is when I look at humans as the collective, that everything appears to me, to look like a mess. Everything looks distorted, people are running around like mice, scurrying about being busy being busy.

Just last night I was watching Q and A, listening to the people of a town pour their hearts and souls out about their concerns of the past, present and the future, and they all shared a common bond, a real community spirit where they are tired of being told nothing can be done to help farming, or enable them to have clean water, or access to basic health or educational services in regional areas.

It was clear to me in this moment where my dislike of the masses has come from.

The people, as individuals are doing just fine, perhaps feeling a little restrained and restricted, but their spirit is strong. It is the system that we, the people are operating in daily that is no longer working for us. We cannot afford to operate like ‘we always have been’ for much longer.

There is a looming social unrest, we’ve been at the tipping point for a while. Now is the time act in a clear and precise manner that works for all, not just for a few, but for everyone, both living today, and to be born into our future.

We are all feeling those feelings in our guts, knowing that knowing in our minds, the time is now. We don’t want to get to totally chaos, to the point when the people rebel against the power, we want to take the power we’ve had all along, and truly work  together for the greater good, of everyone and everything on this gift that is this planet.

Just my thoughts.

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