Toilet, Teeth, Bed – Our Childhood Never Escapes Us


I’m not a parent, but I once was a child, and I remember this being a bit of a routine in my childhood home. Toilet, teeth, bed. It is still very much a routine for me to this day. I’d imagine that a few of you would also remember this as being a part of yours.

I’ve been trying to avoid the mainstream media like the plague this week as I have setup camp in Port Douglas, Queensland, to treat myself to a well earned break from life that I do not take often enough. I made the mistake this morning of turning on the morning television shows after returning from a yoga class, a class where I separated from the world for just a while.

Gracing the screen were the usual morning show hosts on each of the main channels talking about the issues that matter, well, the ones that get ratings. I’m sort of thinking these days we should be looking at maintaining a clean air and water supply for the survival of our species but apparently that will take care of itself, after we’ve milked the almonds and extracted oil from trees on remote islands and ingested them via our anus’ to increase the quality of the excrement coming out of our mouths of course.

I couldn’t help but see the inner children in some of these hosts gracing our screens, using words like empower, align, strategic, scathing, the list goes on. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for people feeling comfortable in their own skin, but words that fall into the wrong mouths can be dangerously misinforming and do much damage, though I would hope the intent is good, but I fear it’s not.

I sat and watched the mini tantrums that journalists were having, the attitudes and ego’s being thrown around the studios and immediately felt as if I was sitting in a reception class, full of children who have not yet learnt to regulate their emotions and responses. I say learn here, because I fear that basic life principles, respect, integrity, common sense, initiative and manners are no longer taught, because its cool to be empowered, previously known as arrogant, abrupt and treating others as servants, not how we wish to be treated ourselves.

I remember my dad always saying “monkey see, monkey do” implying that as kids, my brothers and I would see something on TV and then immediately act it out in real life, like a fight scene from a movie or the like. I have a growing concern that too many are absorbing the atrocious behaviours displayed on a daily basis of those who grace our screens and are then acting that out in their daily lives, without a second thought that it is highly inappropriate and I’d say, up there with binge drinking to cast out toxic words and phrases at people with whom we perceive not to be of our standard.

Perhaps there is still the notion of morals in our societies, but perhaps we’ve flipped it around the wrong way. We test people; people are required to prove themselves in order to be on our level, in our circle, our squad. It’s breathtaking to sit back and watch the species formerly known as human beings, evolve into human doings, on the path to being the humans that once were.

I do however; have a large faith in those unseen, those who reside on the other side of the veil, our guides, those who have passed, the gods, as many know them. I have faith that they are keeping a close eye on us and where we are going, and are communicating with us on a level that we may not be consciously aware of, but have a knowing of its existence.

Right now, I feel like they are steering the ship while we regain some kind of order and address the terrible behaviours and actions exhibited by many we’ve grown to love and respect in the public eye over the years, who, are coming undone.

Such a shame that transparency is an after thought for those whom we’ve listened to and trusted for much of our lives.

So I’ll finish with this. If you feel as if you are capable of doing big boy and big girl poops and that you no longer need your huggies nappies of a day or the night, welcome. If for just a while longer, you need someone to prompt your toilet, teeth & bedtime, allow that to happen. We’ll be waiting for you when you’re ready to start talking about the sustainability of the planet, the availability of clean air and water and the core needs of our species.

We’ll wait for you to stop slinging poop at each other, to work it out at a primal level. Do you know why we will wait? Well, because unlike many that I fear were not, we were taught respect, integrity and empowered ourselves with common sense and initiative. I think that there are a lot of us that know you don’t need much to get through this life, but that would not be good for business, advertising or shareholders – there lies the issue.


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