Take A Little Piece Of Everything In Life With You


I write this with what feels to me like a heavy heart. As my week of bliss and self-care comes to an end before life, as I knew it resumes. No one ever wants to go home or back to life after a holiday, but I can’t help but feel like I’ve finally found myself this week and risk going back to a huge void in my life that I was so desperate to escape from.

I’m a lover of all things natural and am a healer myself, but as is often said, a mechanics cars are always the last to get serviced. This can be all too true for we humans in our various professions and work, always looking out for others and each time, looking away from what we need and ourselves. Earlier this week, I saw a pamphlet for colour therapy and for hands on healing and just knew it was something my mind, body and soul desired. So I called up later that day and booked in for that night.

It was quite a profound experience. The lady was a psychologist in a previous life and also held a PhD in Archeology, which I found intriguing and it began to make sense during a conversation after the treatment. She was long retired from her professional careers and had turned to natural healing, in the form of colour therapy and hands on healing.

Afterwards, we talked about what I experienced and we talks about life, the world, where we fit and what we can do to help it and those that live in it. Green was the colour my body chose that night for the healing, coincidentally, this is the colour of the heart chakra, an area which I had turned off the light for a while and knew that the time was approaching where I would need to turn it back on. I resonated immediately with this colour and immediately felt a connection as Port Douglas, Queensland, where I have been all week is amongst some of the lushest greenery I’ve ever laid eyes on, and literally felt pumping through my veins and energy centres of my body.

We got to talking about the connection between archeology, psychology, healing and colours. I am familiar with the chakra system and have previously practiced both hands on healing and crystal healing but was about to be told something truly wonderful, and yet so obvious. But it is often that which is right before our eyes, is that which we do not see. She went on to say that as she moved through her career, she began to draw connections between the Earth and its makeup, the core, the soil, the grass, the sky, space, the sun, the moon etc.

She spoke of a defining moment where everything clicked as she realised that the Earth and its colour makeup, is almost exactly in sync with our chakra system. We have the root chakra, the solar plexus, the heart, the throat, the third eye, just to name a few. If you were to compare an open cut picture of the Earth and its layers, it would compare almost identically to that of our own make up in the spiritual sense.

My jaw must have hit the flaw because the lady made a comment about it and I felt a sense of knowing at that time, or remembering perhaps. It was almost like in that moment, I was receiving more and more validation about my purpose and understanding of the world. The next thing she said is something that will stick with me for the rest of my days. She said “now that you have had this realisation, every time you go somewhere, every time you have a conversation with someone you’ve just met and something clicks inside you, take a piece of that with you and keep accumulating these pieces”.

Again, here I felt another “ah ha!” moment. It consolidated and idea, which I had read about, and one which I was trying to figure out where it fit in my life. That we as beings, may physically be somewhere, somewhere we like, or somewhere we don’t like, but as long as we know that we carry energies and experiences with us everywhere we go, we should feel whole all of the time. We are the Universe and are channeling it the way we see fit. What we input into our minds and bodies will then have an equal output. We choose to let some things stay in our minds and bodies; we choose to let some pass through.

So there we have it.

Take a little piece of every experience you have the gift of having everywhere you go.

Notice it, process it, feel it, choose to hold on to it for your own growth or also, choose to let it pass for your own growth. You will arrive at the same conclusion, one way or the other. The mind is a powerful thing, there is so much we don’t know about it, but what we and I do know from my own experience and this is my belief, everything ever starts in the mind, it can be both our greatest asset and our greatest undoing; at the same time. We have a sense of this and that we are this being caught in the middle of it sometimes, but we learn to identify our triggers in order to come back to centre and balance.

Remember this always and you will always land on your feet. Even when you feel like you are falling, you will always land exactly where you are meant to be, which may or may not be where you want to, but is where you are meant to. From this space, it is your job to get still, and ask yourself what your next right move is, then move into that space, and so on.

Embrace it, you will be just fine.

Much love.

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