We Have Much To Discuss

I have no shame in telling you I am an avid lover of conspiracy theories, nor should I have any shame for that matter. I don’t judge anyone for their beliefs, providing they are not intending on harming another, I don’t care what people do. I’ve always felt that these so called conspiracy theories originate on the human beings ability to smell bullshit. When we feel when something is not right, or when we feel like we are not being told the truth. We have much to discuss.

It’s so accepted these days to believe lies and advertising propaganda that it is no wonder people feel uncomfortable when people start telling the truth, when people talk about the world as it really is, not the one that we are told exists. It’s actually a bit sickening to think that we’ve allowed ourselves to be conditioned and manipulated to this extent actually.

I’ve been unplugging a lot over the last few months; from the Internet, Mainstream Media, Social Media, and on a few occasions, human interaction in general. As a result of this unplugging from the external, I chose to plug into the internal, and really get to know myself, and how my mind truly does work. The more I delve into that though, the more I realise that the mind is a clever thing, just when it lets you think you’ve mastered it, it will throw something at you that you could have never seen coming. What this does though, is prepare you for the unexpected, which is a good place to be as we navigate through the changes we are experiencing as a race right now.

On unexpected events, I’ve found myself in the most interesting conversations this week with a range of people I met while on holidays. I really enjoy hearing people’s stories and about their journeys and how they got to be where they are now, obstacles they’ve overcome, and any advice they have for me.

Today as I was putting my luggage through the scanners at the airport, I got stopped for one of those explosive testing things, all was ok. The lady then asked me where I had been and where I was going. I told her I was travelling from Port Douglas back to Adelaide where I live. We had one of those stereotypical conversations about the weather and how it was going to be cold when I landed, we had a chuckle. She then looked at me and said something which I have been hearing and thinking to myself for a while, “we don’t have seasons anymore do we?” I paused for a second with both disbelief and validation of my own thinking and replied with a firm “no, no we don’t”.

I continued on through the airport and grabbed a seat and checked on a few news links and videos that I’d been saving during the week for when I had better phone range to watch. Naturally, they were from a Facebook page I follow which posts short videos and articles that many would regard as conspiracies, but more often than not, they are right on the money with the content they produce and share. A couple of them were about the usual; money, banking, oil and the share market; but the last one I watched was about a guy in the US who was fed up with the poor mileage he was getting in his SUV. So he decided to play around with it a bit and invented this device that feeds cold water into a system, does a few things which are beyond my understanding, and long story short, reduces his fuel consumption and emissions dramatically, saving him a lot of money on gas. I’ll post the link to the video at the end.

I can’t help but sometimes go straight to the comments on social media posts because I find it so interesting what people write. But there was one comment that stuck out to me. It read something along the lines of “I wonder how long until he turns up dead, after being planted at a massacre or something, with his name changed but all of his ID perfectly in tact”. This comment attracted something like 3500 likes and was followed with many that agreed plus a few more.

Actually, here is a screenshot of the comments I am talking about.

Comment pic

At this point my exact thoughts were “my goodness, I am not alone in my thinking” and it would also appear that the masses are awakening and it will not be long before there is a major shift in power, back to the people and away from the “one percent”, as they have been termed by the conspiracy theorists.

My thoughts then shifted to another website which I came across one day when curiously looking on the Internet for how much oil there is left in the world and what this means for us. Turns out we have around 36-37 years left if we continue to use it at the current rate of consumption – fucking confronting right? This website houses a lot of other numbers about world health, the population and much more information. It also houses an astounding fact that there are twice as many fat people on the planet as those that are undernourished – bloody hell. Anyway, check it out here for yourself and let me know what you think.

So all of these realisations happened over the space of about 45 minutes, so naturally I start to have a minor nervous breakdown about the goings on in the world. I sit there in the airport watching people milling about their days, munching down on fast food, arguing on phones, disputing with their loved ones over seemingly trivial things. I start to really question what can I do for the sustainability of not only my own life, but also others lives and that of the planet we live on.

Then I tip into the phrase that older people usually give me when I am asking the big questions and having minor meltdowns over the goings on of the world. “just look after yourself and what you’re doing and don’t worry about anyone else or anything else”. It is this type of shitty advice from these older people that is a huge reason we are in a bit of a mess in society, the world, in our environment and many other areas of life in the first place. Then I remember dining next to a group of what looked like early retirees yesterday having a conversation about the state of the world and one of them piping up with “oh well, we’ve done our bit, too bad for the ones that come after us”. I then remember once again thinking “fucking hell”.

So I managed to calm myself out of my mini meltdown in Cairns airport and shift my thinking to transition. I know I am not alone in my thinking due to the many conversations I have with other a people. I draw all of my inspiration for my writing from asking questions of others and listening intently to their answers, as well as reading their non-verbal communication, that’s where the truth often lies.

I start to think of a predicament that I and many others that I know are in; how doe we get out of the rat race that we have become caught up in and transition into a new way of life; a cleaner way of life, a simpler way of life, a more peaceful and meaningful way of life. My generation comes with debt, we have HECS, credit cards, we’ve been lured into taking out loans for life, mortgages, cars, buy now pay later. We can’t just turn our back on our responsibilities to that and go and start growing our own food in in the country and creating a Utopian type of existence. Or can we? This is a constant conflict in my mind. As much as I think the system is bullshit and enjoy telling authority to fuck off possibly too often, I have a large moral conscience and like doing the right thing where repaying people is concerned, or paying for goods or services. Besides, I’m the one who’s got myself by the balls as far as this aspect of my life is concerned, so it’s my responsibility to sort it out. It’s the right thing to do.

I’m also a consumer. I don’t sit there and take the time to learn where my purchases are coming from, where they were made or how much the people who made the products that fill my house were paid per hour, if at all. I’m still caught up in the rat race, I can’t slow down and I can’t get out, and I’ve only got myself to blame. But what I have just said is a victim type of mentality, and I do so as an example, and for a reason.

Just because I can’t make all the changes in my life I want to make right at this very second, does not mean that I cannot start, right this second to make small changes which will feed into a wheel of larger changes. The first change I should be making is my thinking, everything starts off in the mind as a thought within we beings, we then choose to entertain that thought or not, to act on it or not, and bring it fourth into the world or not. I make the choice to practice having patience. To have faith and trust in the greater forces that I believe are at work all around us, feeding us information and assisting us through this transitional period that we are in.

We have much to discuss humans. Much more than where we are going to drink or eat on the weekend. We should be turning our thoughts and our conversations to asking how much more food we have available to us to eat. We should be focusing on air and water quality for all who reside on this Earth. We perhaps should be thinking less, and feeling more, knowing more, pulling back and slowing down for a while.

I fear that we have gone down a path where we are outsourcing our lives to technology too much, for no other reason than convenience; it is not meeting any primal need. I fear that those who claim to be leaders of the tech boom are lacking in foresight. The concept of having more free time in our lives to do the things we love is fantastic, but at what cost to us does that come? How do we plan on generating an income when we are outsourcing more and more human functions to robots and our phones? Let us not forget that robots and computers originated in the mind as well, they are merely a physical manifestation of someone’s thoughts at a point in time.

We have much to discuss. Much more than I’ve covered here today. I thank you if you made it until the end. I probably should have turned this into a book chapter. I didn’t have a plan for how long it was going to be. All I wanted was to write until I felt like I’d got the message I’ve been receiving this week out to the masses. My only hope is that you, as my readers have had some kind of impact by this, or that this validates what you are thinking too, and perhaps are not sure if you should talk about it or not. Trust me, you should. Once again, we have much to discuss.

Here is a link to that video that I mentioned earlier.

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