Why Divorce Isn’t The Worst Thing In The World


Marriage is a communion between the two people who love each other. However, after the honeymoon phase has passed, spouses start noticing each other’s flaws, they start arguing a lot, and all that negative energy can scar both of them, as well as affect their children. Also, some people get married young, without fully living the life before, which can later lead to distancing and unresolved problems in marriage.

When you rush into a serious relationship without getting to know your significant other well, things can quickly change as soon as you start living together. There are plenty of sad cases of marriage when one of the partners starts violating the other, leaving scars, bruises or emotional distress. However, there are the cases when people simply notice that they are not compatible with each other, or the connection is simply not as strong as they thought. That is when a divorce can appear as salvation, especially when they have children that they want to spare from all the negativity.

However, many people fear the divorce and the image it may leave on a person, especially when it comes to women. But, as soon as you look around, you will see that we live in a world where a divorce is not such a bad thing. Rather, it is considered a normal thing that occurs on a daily basis between many seemingly happy couples. It is not so frowned upon any more, people’s opinions and attitudes have changed, and a separation now means a new lease on life, which gives you a second chance for making your life better.

Another positive aspect of a divorce is that there are no more sacrifices and postponing of your personal desires and dreams. Your parents, family and friends will tell you that marriage is all about compromising, where you and your partner should be equals. However, that is not true in most cases. There will always be more sacrifices, compromises and settling on one side, while the other side may dominate. Supposedly, each partner has a role in the holy matrimony and should make a contribution to the relationship, family and home. Those roles and contributions are the ones that will either make, or break your marriage. If the contributions are not equal, there will be resentment, blaming, envy and other negative emotions, and the situation can only be fixed with a separation.

In America, there are plenty of marriages filled with such inequality, abuse and distress, and that is when people sit down, talk and decide to make things much easier for everyone. Filing divorce in California is not a complicated process, and people often rely on professionals to resolve their problems and start a new life. Everyone wants this process to pass quickly and without any consequences, so everyone could lead a healthier life and make new, better relationships.

As soon as the divorce has been finalized, the new era can begin. At first, you may feel lonely and abandoned, and that is perfectly normal. Give yourself some time, be patient and in short time you will feel free, you won’t be stressed and you can completely dedicate the time to your children, friends, and more importantly, yourself.

There will be no relationship to hold you down, and you can freely explore the world, your desires and talents. Numerous support groups exist that can help you go through the separation and people will give you advice on how to successfully start your new life. Additionally, you will have more experience with the relationships in the future. There will be no rushing into things and making your life a mess. You will become a better communicator, you will understand and respect other people around you, and you will learn how to respect your needs first – and then help other people (or even settle from time to time).

No one should suffer in a relationship. The marriage is all about working together on achieving mutual goals. As soon as you notice that things have gone south, take action and give both of you a second chance. There is nothing to hold you down, especially since the divorce is not such a bad thing anymore. It can only save you from all the misery and open up so many new doors for better, healthier life.

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