Is Twitter A Social Experiment?

Urban Dictionary says a twit is “The kind of person who makes a retarded chimp look smart. They often can be found leaving definitions for their own name or the names of their friends on

“Joe Smith definition:

1: Joe Smith is the coolest man alive, look at me I wrote my name I am Joe Smith.

2: Joe Smith is a twit”.

If you listen to commercial radio on the daily, or watch mainstream television, or breathe, you’d quite possibly hear the words “they took to twitter to have a rant” or “they took to twitter to do A, B or C”.

If I was a data analyst for Twitter, and my jerb was to analyse what people are tweeting on a daily basis, it would provide quite an interesting insight into the place where people’s minds were formerly located.

Let’s take a look.

Twitter 1 Twitter 2 Twitter 3

If you are intrigued by this, check out this guy and his Idiots Of The Internet videos. 

I’ve written before posing the question, Is Social Media Directly Connected To Our Brains?

Almost everything goes on the Internet immediately if not sooner; thoughts, videos, photos, abuse, opinions, likes, comments, even THIS POST! It goes on and on and is growing more each day.

I do make this statement often though; that for all we know, 90% of the world population may not be on the Internet or Social Media – but we don’t know about them because we don’t hear from them.

We only live in a little bubble with those that are online all day errday.

Closed minds

I’m all for free speech, providing it is constructive and does not deliberately hurt another. But I feel like there should be some more regulation surrounding Social Media, Internet Access, the ability to upload YouTube videos and perhaps even to own communication devices that are able to make outbound contact to other humans.

The license to go online would have the following conditions:

–          You must be able to spell

–          You must know the difference between your and you’re.

–          You must know the difference between there, their and they’re.

–          You must first be able to articulate your thoughts, then your speech.

–          You should know what an IQ is, or be willing to learn.

I feel like these five rules would cull some traffic and perhaps our servers would start running at lightning speed as I’m told they are designed to do.

So, is Twitter a social experiment?

Did the mastermind behind this tool create it to sit back and watch humans slowly lose intelligence, but gain confidence in their ability to do so by tweeting about it?

I feel like I would suffer a health episode if there is a large screen located at Twitter HQ monitoring all of the thoughts being broadcast across the World Wide Web of a day for me to view.

I’m not sure I’m ready for that. Living in the modern day though, is proving to be good training. I’ve never taken so many deep breaths, meditated, nor spent so much time away from other humans as I have over the past couple of years. Perhaps this bubble I have surrounded myself with so that stupid does not penetrate my aura will equip me to deal with the consequences of the tech boom that we are facing in the very near future. I hear Psychology is going to be a booming industry in years so come, good news, right?

So long twits!

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