Are You CHOOSING The Path Of MOST Resistance?

This morning in a Yoga class (day 4 of my personal challenge) I had an epiphany of sorts. I was trying to reach a pose that my body was clearly telling me not to, but my mind was saying I could. It was uncomfortable, and starting to hurt, I was putting a lot of pressure on my body to get there, then it hit me, I was already there, there was no need for the pressure.

This then led me to my headline; how many of you are CHOOSING the path of MOST resistance? And for no reason at all other than to satisfy your ego, which, in 2016, should be starting to fade away. How many of you are putting enormous strain on yourself; mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually to be the number one in your daily lives? How many of you are always falling short of these unrealistic expectations that you set yourself and then begin the self-destructive thought process of beating yourself up in your mind for not ‘making it’.

At the moment you reach the pressure point where you feel like you could snap at any second, try taking a breath and giving yourself a break. Know, in that moment, what you are doing IS enough. Know that a process is unfolding and will do so with, or without your input to a certain extent, and know that you could be potentially standing in the way of your own greatness.

We truly are, right now, at the TIPPING POINT. We started climbing a hill in 2008, after ending things in our lives in 2007. Now, in 2016, we are seeing more endings of these past 9 years, preparing to reset in 2017, and build a new way of living, individually, collectively, globally and beyond. People are sick of being told they have to “hustle”. The Hustle was a song and dance, it was a happy time, and unfortunately the Internet has turned the word hustle into a form of abuse.

Naughty Internet.

I’m all for motivational speakers, quotes, videos and the like, but, where there is a bandwagon and a human with nothing to do that day, they will jump on it. As we have since with the oversupply of motivational quotes of the Internet and Social Media. We’re at what I would call a bit of a ‘fatigue’ point with such things.

Unfortunately too, many have quoted people incorrectly, and some have even started swearing in their own made up words as a way of, I suppose, ‘being edgy’. Edgy perhaps, but classy it is not. Perhaps that’s my old man ways of life coming out in me, and in no way am I saying that people who swear are a lesser being, but there is a time and a place, and it’s not to motivate people.

I just remembered that I used a swear word in a headline on a post I linked to. But I used the ** so it is ok.

Many of us have been told that by choosing the path of LEAST resistance, we perhaps we are taking the easy road. I can see how someone would say that, but am going to respectfully disagree. I feel like the path of least resistance is that which we take when we have eliminated the blockers in our mind, and see our lives and things for what they really are.

Nothing in life is hard, it is only people who make situations hard. Just like there is no good or bad situation, or experience, there is only THE situation or experience. Whether it is good or bad is YOUR call.

Getting back to the Yoga scenario. Can you liken this to something you are doing in your own life? Are you actively CHOOSING the path of MOST resistance for no reason other than to punish yourself? Or to prove something to someone? If so, ask yourself why, and in asking yourself, why, really get still and ask what results you are getting from this action, behaviour or thought.

So I’ll leave you with these questions;

Has CHOOSING the path of MOST resistance got you anywhere?

Have you, or have you not arrived at your goal by doing so?

I hope these words have helped you.

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