Capitalism And Spirituality – Two Words That Should Not Go Together


Being the avid observer of life that I am, I’ve been sitting back watching something unfold for a while. Something that I could have been a part of had I chosen to be, but something I knew deep down felt wrong. Capitalism and Spirituality, two words that should not go together.

I became a Reiki Master in 2013; I then went on to become a Seichim Master in early 2014. I decided to leave it there for the moment, and that these teachings added value to my existing skill sets and educational background. I am a lifelong learner, an observer, and an avid commentator. I’m known for giving my opinion, be it asked for or not, this is who I am.

Since completing my training, I’ve sat back and watched a number of individuals crop up all over the place providing Reiki training, as well as other types of healing and spiritual learnings.

Without giving too much away, I can tell you that what I paid to do my Reiki 1, is a third of what I have seen some new age humans charging for their courses. The difference being between what they offer and what I did; a luxurious weekend at a rented beach house, kale smoothies, a bit of meditation and maybe even some yoga. I suppose one cannot put a price on the location – although it would seem in the cases of the Reiki one two full day retreats by the beach, one can, and has.

What I have seen and do see happening in this arena pisses me off quite frankly.

And for this reason, and perhaps this reason alone. Alternative healing practices carry with them, even in this day, a certain taboo, and a witchcraft implication if you will. The last thing anyone should be doing to ancient healing practices that carry such a feel to them is adding on $400-$500 to the asking price and turning it into an online training course fiasco, which, in my opinion, the world has seen enough of.

In my opinion, the absolute premise of such healing modalities is that they require a human touch. In most cases, it literally is hands on healing, that is, one human places their hands onto another human. One cannot replicate this on YouTube or via a Facebook private group.

Sure, there is the added value of having the support and blessing of those who teach you and those you complete the course with, and this a great thing, but let us leave it at support.

I liken this Capitalization of Healing practices to that of over-fishing certain waters, meaning that the food supply cannot replenish at the rate we are taking from it, much like a lot of things on this Earth at this point in time. Yes, money is great, we currently need money in order to live, but we only need enough, and we only deserve back, what we put out.

Sure, it may cost $1000 to rent the beach house for the weekend retreat, but that is ones choice to do so and to structure the course like that.

The foundation of any teaching is authenticity. You as the teacher are passing on learning that you have previously gained. You are doing so for the benefit of the student, and you have the utmost intentions the entire time. At no point, should the aim of teaching be for exploitation, or financial gain.

Unfortunately, Capitalism has given rise to such behaviors, perhaps this was not the original intent, or perhaps it was, I can’t comment entirely as I was not there for its inception personally. But if one was to look at its place in our society and how it works, it is an educated guess that it quickly over inflates pricing and economies to the point where they should burst, but seemingly don’t, and when they do, those who have benefited are long gone, leaving a bloody mess for those who remain to clean up.

So I’ll leave you with this. If you are benefiting from the Capitalization of Spirituality, start drafting a backup plan. The humans of the world are more educated and aware than ever before. There is an enormous source of information out there for people to make informed decisions. There are also those who are still providing the same learning’s for a fraction of the cost, and are still gaining referrals from the ancient referral method, known as word of mouth. These folk are the backbones of many industries and teachings we have thrust upon us these days by our trusted friend, the Internet, and they will provide the foundations of many things to come, and ask for nothing more, or nothing less, the way life should be.

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