The Return To Utopia – When The Internet Went Down For Good – Part Two

The Internet

If you are just now tuning into The Return To Utopia – When The Internet Went Down For Good, please see part one here.

There was an electrifying sense of confusion in the air on this day, people everywhere you turned looked rattled and confused, as if the end of time was near. The tragedy is I suppose that for some, the Internet no longer existing is the end of time, as they had grown so dependent on a tool in which they could outsource basic life skills, forgetting the primal skills they were born with.

Horns sounded, people were running across streets, the trains came to a halt, the dull glow of backup lighting was all over the city, like after 5 lighting of most shops and office buildings.

In this age of instant information, we had become so dependent on knowing what was going on as soon as an event unfolded. Long gone were the days where our world was happening directly in front of our vision, Google had shaped our reality; advertising had begun to make decisions for us. Empty vessels many of us were, clicking and scrolling our way through the day, seeking that external validation we had been conditioned to.

What happened next I found quite intriguing, it was as if we had to replace one addiction with another, but in that moment reconnect with an era gone by. Landline telephones began to ring off the hooks, numbers sources from printed copies of the yellow pages, as we could not access anything online. More questions than answers, more noise than silence, a growing hunger to satisfy the curiosity that was sweeping over us.

I walked to the centre of the floor, and stood high on a chair, I waited, I watched, they finally sensed I had something to say, and in order for them to hear it, they would need to quiet down and pay attention.

“Good morning everybody, thank you for paying attention. If you would kindly end all conversations and listen to what I have to say, I would appreciate that.”

It was almost as if people were so shocked to hear an actual human addressing them with their voice, and not via an email, a tweet, or a Social Media status update.

“I, as well as you, am not entirely sure what is going on right now, but I can confirm based on my observations that the Internet is down entirely, for the time being. As we know, a lot of our lives, including our work lives here today, relies heavily on such technology. I would appreciate it if everyone could do his or her best to remain calm. Please use this time to connect with your family and loved ones via the land line telephones and remain in the building for the time being, thank you.”

All seemed calm for the moment, as people scurried back to their workstations to make calls to family and loved ones.

To be continued.



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