Why The Clown Craze Is A Reflection Of Us All


Many in this day and age are clowns, performing in the circus that is the world right now.

I’ve debated with myself as to whether or not me weighing in on this latest Internet distraction from real life issues is worth my time or not.

Clearly, I’ve decided that it is.

The mainstream headlines are dominated more and more by stories that are less and less. There is so much information out there in this world we have created. Nothing seems to be fact anymore, if fact ever existed, that is. We are a society that looks to what is “trending” on Twitter. We crave validation on our Social Media accounts. A video or a blog post going “viral” has us thinking this is some kind of goal.

It is a sad state of affairs in this modern day.

Say what you want, but it really is.

I genuinely worry that we are being slowly transitioned into Artificially Intelligent beings. Few seem to stop and ponder the concept that we are essentially empty vessels, dependent on input, which then turns into output. What we allow into our minds and our bodies manifests into some kind of output, and we are the variable in between this process that has control over what comes in and what goes out.

We cling to labels. We strive to belong to something, to someone, but rarely ourselves. So many spend their lives trying to identify with a label, so few learn what it means to just be a human. I don’t mean to downplay the notion of being a human here, but what is the point of identifying with a label that is external to us as beings, if we don’t understand what it means to be a human in the first place? Because that is what we are, we are human beings, not human doings.

I believe that learning what it means to be a human should be where everyone starts. The desire to escape our minds and our bodies has plagued we beings since the beginning of time. Perhaps now we just see it more thanks to Facebook Live videos.

Speaking of such videos. There are several floating around the World Wide Web of people overdosing on heroin. One sticks out to me, which I saw just today, where no one actually offers any help to those they are filming, they are more concerned with the fact they are broadcasting the footage via Facebook Live to the world.

I’m not huge on swearing in my writing, but what the actual fuck humans?

In what Universe is it acceptable to not help someone in need, but rather film it on your phone and upload it to the Internet? You know what Universe? The one we are living in right now. It needs to change, and it needs to change right now.

Yes, we are very much in the midst of a transitional phase on this planet. Many of us are awakening to the many wrongdoings of the world in years gone by. Just as many are not. We like to encourage people to do things a lot these days, which is great. But what is not great is rewarding bad behaviours. Take a look at the comments section of any article or video online, regardless of the content; it’s only a matter of seconds before people are slinging shit at each other for no reason what so ever.

So many are seeking their fifteen minutes of fame. So many think that attracting “likes” and “comments” is a measure of success and fame.

It’s not.

Staying true to who you are and lifting those around you up is a real measure of character. If who you really are is a shitty person who trades insults across the Internet in the comments section of posts, stop it, stop it right now. Take a good hard look at yourself and make some changes. Stop clinging to some kind of life that you think you deserve to live, and start living the one you are, with integrity.

What is happening outside of us is happening inside of us. Where the world seems to be in a state of disarray, that projects from many of our minds being in the same state. We all know what we as individuals can tolerate, we just forgot to listen to ourselves. Start listening to you again, not the Internet or those who appear on it.

Sure, there is a lot of great content and there are a lot of great ideas out there in this vast world of ours, but the bad stuff seems to be dominating us at the moment. Choose to look for the best in others, start with choosing to look for the best in you. And when you find it, just know that you have, know that you know it. Don’t straight away reach for your nearest device to tell the world, just know that you yourself know, and know that this is enough.


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