The Return To Utopia – When The Internet Went Down For Good – Part Five


Catch up on part four of The Return To Utopia – When The Internet Went Down For Good if you are just now tuning in.

There was an eerie sense of calm in the air, like that before a storm. The office was empty; it was not even lunchtime yet. There was a sense that those who were previously here had left in a hurry. Chairs left scattered, computers still on, half drunk cups of coffee on a few desks.

I sat for a moment and reflected on the morning so far. I kept thinking back to how I had been almost preparing for this moment in my mind for years. We humans had become so dependent on the Internet. Not so in its early days, but more so since it became available on our phones.

I’d see people walking along the beach, staring at their screens. I’d joke to friends that in the midst of the most beautiful sunsets would be people looking at pictures of sunsets on Google. The sad part was this was not always a joke, but an accurate reflection of the world.

Ten years, perhaps even just five years ago, I doubt this situation would have caused the panic it did today.

I looked out the window to the streets, typically busy with people going about their days. The city was like a ghost town. I could only conclude that most other people had headed home for the day to be with loved ones.

See that’s the thing, we have become so connected online, yet we are lacking real life connection. We say we understand how energy works, but I grappled with the concept that perhaps the energy of desperation and lack of love and connection had somehow overpowered that of online connection.

Could it be that our most inner desires as human beings to physically connect with one another, had short-circuited the online world we had become so attached to?

My mind started to race, it started to wander, my trigger to focus on my breathing and get back to centre. This day was by no means over. There were still so many questions unanswered.

I was jolted out of my daydream by a phone ringing, a landline.

I answered.


To be continued.

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