The Return To Utopia — When The Internet Went Down For Good – Part Six


Catch up on part five of The Return To Utopia — When The Internet Went Down For Good if you are just now tuning in.

“It’s John from the Melbourne office, how’s it going” said a voice on the other end.

“John, hi, well I’m not sure about your side of things, but I’ve just sent everyone home due to this apparent lack of Internet crisis that is unfolding” I replied.

“Ah yes, that’s what I was calling for, we’ve got nothing over here either and no way of checking what is going on either, well, until the newspapers come out tomorrow I guess” he replied with a chuckle at the end.

“Ah yeah true. Well the guys here were all getting a bit rattled so I told them to head home and touch base with their loved ones and we will just go from there” I replied.

“Yeah that sounds like a good idea, its bloody chaos over here, you’d think it was the end of time the way people are carrying on!” he replied.

“Tell me about it, I am almost in disbelief, ah well, best of luck!” I said.

“You too mate, speak you later” he replied.

“You too” I said and hung up the phone.

Back to my reflective state of mind I go as I gazed out the window thinking about the day so far.

“I suppose I can take comfort in the fact that this is not an isolated incident so will have that to tell the team tomorrow should they decide to come in” I thought to myself.

I decided to head home for the day myself, as there was not a lot more that could be done here.

As I head outside to my car, there was that eerie sense of calm in the air. That feeling of quiet almost like in the country side, just the occasional car driving past, barely even the hum of office air conditioners and the like.

It was almost calming, but slightly un-nerving at the same time.

“How could something as trivial as the Internet going down launch everyone into such a panic?” I thought to myself.

“We managed to survive as a species for so many thousands of years without it”.

I got in my car and headed home.

To be continued.


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