The Return To Utopia — When The Internet Went Down For Good – Part Seven


This is the final part of The Return To Utopia — When The Internet Went Down For Good, catch up on part six here if you are just now tuning in.

As I drove home, I began to notice changes everywhere I looked. The traffic had settled down from the earlier panic of people fleeing the city, and there were but a few cars on the road. Everything felt a lot calmer on my usual commute home from work.

As I drove along, I noticed something I had not seen in what felt like forever. People were out in their front yards; they were talking to their neighbours. The parks were full of people laughing and playing games. It felt almost like stepping back in time to before we had such technology as the Internet and all that it has brought us.

I felt almost overcome with joy and happiness; I was smiling from ear to ear. Something I had not done on a drive home from work in a long time. I turned into my street and the whole neighbourhood was outside playing cricket, riding their bikes and just talking to each other. Again, a sight I had not seen in such a long time either.

I got out of my car and immediately headed back out on to the street where everyone seemed so alive and happy. I spoke to people who lived on my street who previously, would barely have had the time to look up and wave to, or so I felt in what was the fast pace of the life we had built.

One family had even brought their barbecue out the front of their house and were telling everyone to grab what they had in their fridges and cupboards and come back for a cook up.

There was such a sense of community, a real sense of connection. Not like the one we had grown to be addicted to online. This was real and honest human interaction.

One other thing that I noticed was the no one was even talking about the events from earlier that day. Not one phone was in any body’s hands, not one person was taking photos of every waking moment of the day.

I felt more relaxed than I had in a decade.

I sat back and just looked around at what seemed like a whole new world, praying on the inside that this new way of being was here to stay.

Just to have life back, as it were when times were so much simpler, gave me hope that all would be ok with the world.

The end.

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