Nothing But The Stars In The Night Sky And My Thoughts


There is literally nothing but the stars in the night sky and my thoughts right at this moment.

I’ve been meaning to bust away from the city lights and the noise for some time now and just be. Just be at one with this majestic planet and appreciate all that it has to offer.

Tonight I’ve had that opportunity, and have just come inside from some star gazing and time with my mind. I always find it really intriguing, the things we remember from our childhood and then our own meanings and interpretations we put on things as we grow up.

I was just naming the shapes of the stars that I was taught as a child. The Saucepan, The Southern Cross, so many more. I then found myself almost overwhelmed, but with a sense of immense peace and calmness at all that I was seeing with my eyes. There is that star that seems to flash all the colours of the rainbow that I find myself being drawn to each time I look up at the night sky.

I’ve always looked towards the night sky during times of thought and contemplation of decisions I am making or am looking to make in life. It offers me some kind of reassurance I guess you could say. Gazing into the darkness brings much into perspective. It reminds me that there is so much more going on in the world and beyond it than that of my mind. It reminds me that there is so much beauty all around us all of the time. It comforts me and brings me back to centre.

I had no intention of writing this tonight, I had no intention of even really staring up at the night sky in some kind of daze for a period of time. But I did intend on allowing life to flow from now on. I set the intention that from now on, I would allow what wants to come into my life to come, and what wants to pass to pass. I set the intention to let go of so much inner angst that I sometimes hold over things that are out of my control. I set the intention to really be as present in each moment as I possibly can, and to keep learning and evolving this in area of my life.

It’s humbling in a sense that in setting these intentions, I’ve come to realise that those which I have set over the years have all manifested in my life. Often not in the way in which I first thought they would or how I visualised them doing so, but I soon grew an appreciation for just allowing whatever happens to happen, and to take the positive out of each experience.

I’ve almost gone full circle with these words that I write tonight. I sometimes find that I set out with a question, and as I continue to write, more often than not come to a conclusion, one which was perhaps there all along, this is just the process I go through to get there. And in doing so, I have allowed and am allowing whatever needs to happen to happen, and I let go of what I think should happen in the process, which ultimately manifests my earlier intention.

I’ll leave you with this.

If you are feeling pressure in your life right now, be it at work, at home, in a relationship or just anything going on in your world. Try to set a simple intention around what the best outcome would be. Once you have done so, try next to move on with your day or night knowing that you have set your intention and made it known, not necessarily to the Universe as many speak of, but to yourself.

Wait and see what happens next, I think you will be quite pleased with yourself at the outcome.

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