The Super Moon And All Its Glory

Super Moon

The biggest Super Moon of 2016 is set to grace our skies on November 14, and with it, brings some incredible energies and opportunities.

You may have have been feeling all out of sorts these past few days leading up to it, I can say for sure that I have. Full Moon’s in their typical glory are known to have an affect on many things, the tides, humans, animals, and I am sure much much more.

For the sensitive souls out there, I empathise with you that you may be feeling perhaps more vulnerable than normal, or, for some of you, feeling more heightened than normal. I believe that we all have an idea of when we are operating at our best, at our most comfortable, when we feel most centred and balanced.

Any type of cosmic activity has the capacity to throw out our balance, but there is much we can do in order to stay focussed, centred, and on track.

Sometimes, where there are situations impacting the way we feel that are beyond our control, the best thing to do is to simply remove ourselves from the processes of life, and just let them unfold as they should. We forget sometimes in life that as we try to control so much, that we can in fact be blocking some incredible things from happening.

So what is a Super Moon?

A Super Moon is essentially a Full Moon that appears larger than normal during its orbit.

There is a great resource here for more information.

The November 14, 2016 Full Moon is special. Not only is it a Super Moon — which appears larger than a “regular” full moon — it will be the closest such moon to Earth since January 1948. According to NASA, we won’t see the full moon this close again until Nov. 25, 2034. So if you have plans on the eve of November 14, 2016, I’d be cancelling them to bask in the glory of this beauty that will light our night sky.

Science Alert wrote a great piece about the Super Moon and where some of the best places to view it are, read what they have to say here.

I wrote a beginners guide to Full Moon rituals a few weeks ago, I feel like this is a great time to reflect on some of the key points I spoke about here.

A good time and place to see Monday’s Super Moon would be at dusk, somewhere with an uninterrupted view to the east, such as an east-facing beach.

You may find that your water consumption is higher than normal at the moment, which, given that the Full Moon has such an impact on the tides and water, is to be expected.

This is also a great time to get some friends together and head out to see something that is truly a rare event.

May all your Full Moon intentions come true and I wish you all the best in releasing all that no longer serves you too!

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